Top Outdoor Adventure and Camping Places Near Bangalore

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Bengaluru being a commercial city, its infrastructure is changing from wood to concrete. City planners are still striving to preserve green in this concrete jungle. The city now consists of more than 1000 parks and gardens for its inhabitants. The city is working towards creating an equilibrium between concrete and Nature. The resorts and camping places nearby the city are strategically kept untouched and free from concrete. People who are avid adventure seekers are in for a treat!

Career takes a front seat when you are working in the corporate sector. Staring at the screen for 5 days straight can be tiresome. Camping sites outside Bengaluru are welcoming you all to stare at the sky and endless greenery for a change. Below are some cool camping sites near Bangalore you could wander off to during your day off.

Nature Adventure Camp

The Nature Adventure camp is located in Kanakapura which is 68 kms away from Bengaluru main city. This is a camp set up where people can stay in tents, rock climb, zip line etc and have a total camping experience just outside Bengaluru. The camp has a vast area surrounded by Hosaoddi lake. Its area is bordered by Bananthimari Forest and it has wildlife as their inhabitants. The entire camp is set in Nature’s abode completely free of the modern world. The tasks on excel sheets are replaced by tons of adrenaline rushing activities for the day. 

There are corporate team outing packages, which provide team building activities, ice breakers which can help improve coordination and interaction between the employees. The camp provides a full fledged adventure experience from trekking, exploring caves, to kayaking,  splash landing ziplines, wall climbing, spider web climbing, rappelling, mud/slush activities and paintball. If you are looking to destress and relax your mind, you could go for a swim in the nearby natural lake. Basically, the nature adventure camp takes you back to your childhood where the camp is your playground and makes you feel like a child again. 

After being composed and  self conscious all week in the office, it’s time for you to let loose and discover again to fall and tumble without any inhibitions like a child again!

Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp

The camp is a bit far from Bengaluru main city about 105 kms. Although, the camp’s location is excellent as it is situated right at the banks of Kaveri River. The camp is surrounded by thick dense forest and waterfalls. Here you can have a typical ‘in-the-woods’ experience in their cozy wooden cottages, log huts, tents and dining area. Away from human civilization and Bengaluru’s never-ending traffic, in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary you  will be surrounded by wildlife and various kinds of bird species.

The packages differ with facilities and activities included in them and so do it’s prices according to the season.  Some packages include adventurous activities like rope line, zip line, kayaking, coracle ride, nature walk, elephant walk, seasonal hikes and meals. The best season to visit this camp is during the end of monsoons August-February as the weather remains cool and pleasant and you can spot unique bird species. This camp is wholly a jungle experience  hence dress accordingly and carry necessary things. 

💡 Tip-   Do not dress in flashy bright clothes, wear neutral earth colours. Do not bring your pets here. Remember to not create noise pollution during your stay by blasting loud music on your speaker. You are here to coexist and observe the wildlife so do not disturb their habitat.  

Discovery Village in Kanakapura

The village deserves a mention while talking about adventure and nature camps. This camp is situated in close vicinity to Bannerghatta National Park. This resort has it all; trekking, rappelling, zipline, zorbing, campfire, waterfalls, wildlife, caves, safari rides, and many outdoor activities. You can opt for stays in wooden lodges or camp near barbeque and bonfire. You get to choose from packages at a reasonable price. Watching sunsets and sunrises are your day’s agenda! If one is looking for a quiet alone time in nature’s abode, this is the place you come to. Mankind returns to his natural habitat along with the wildlife for a few days here. This is a haven for writers and creative minds to explore their minds and ideas and often even collaborate with other creative people. One can find their way of meditation, be it trekking, listening to birds, yoga, spa or even reading a book. The Village also provides local tours to introduce their guests to the local art and culture and even Pottery workshops!

Give yourself a break from the machines and recharge your mind with nature and its wonders.

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