Top Resorts Near Bengaluru For Family Outings

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After 5 days of rigorous workload and meeting deadlines, it’s time you give yourself a break. Bengaluru main city is packed with corporate buildings at almost every nook. The resorts are strategically built in the outskirts of the city. Since the majority of your time is invested in work and office, nearby resorts are perfect places to spend time with your loved ones. 

One must not forget that their job and office is one of the aspects of their life and their lives shouldn’t revolve around it. There is a specific time for every aspect of one’s life. This aspect is family and hence it’s your as well as their time to be prioritized. There are all sorts of resorts near Bengaluru which cater to varied needs of an individual. The resorts are then strategically planned for their niche customers. These resorts provide a laid back environment for families and you to relax. Away from the city, here you can enjoy open spaces, recharge and reconnect with nature. Here are some resorts near Bangalore where you can enjoy a day out with your family;

Guhantara Resort

One can leave early in the morning with their family to reach Guhantara Resort. With Bengaluru’s traffic, it is recommended you leave as early as possible. This resort is situated 34 kms away from the main city. This cave themed resort attempts to bring you closer to nature with a mix of advanced technology. Along with the ambience, this resort is filled with activities for one to enjoy. You can be a child or an adult, there are no restrictions when it comes to enjoying yourself. The resort has an outdoor pool where you can have a nice time with your  family and play games. There are certain day out packages that give various offers. Some of them have breakfast and dinner included. There are outdoor activities like bull ride, quad bike, rope walk, zorbing ball, horse riding, zipline, bungee trampoline. Indoor activities include dance floor, snooker, fish spa, ayurvedic spa massage, and snooker. You are free to choose any activity you like or even just read a book in one of the caves. 

Discovery Village Resort

Discovery Village Resort is located 50 kms from the city centre in Kanakapura. This resort will leave you wanting for more. There are countless activities for each kind of outing be it adventures, family or even corporate day outs. One day won’t be enough to truly enjoy this place. Be it having brunch with your family to early morning jungle safaris, this place has it all. This resort offers a wildlife safari and jungle treks as it is in close vicinity to Bannerghatta National Park. The resort is perfect for making unforgettable memories with your families. The chances of exploring wilderness and interacting with nature at such a personal level is quite rare. And to have it to share with your family is top tier experience. For those looking for a hip trending night, there are activities like Karaoke nights, trekking and rappelling , bonfire and  drum circle, overnight camping, ziplining, zorbing ball and many more. 

Angana The Courtyard

Angana offers a typical old-style Banglorean house theme. The place is ideal for family gatherings and weddings. Angana The Courtyard is approximately 32 kms away from the main city. Its wide gardens and wooden architecture is enough to calm you and take away your stress. This is a peaceful getaway to bond with your family. Angana doesn’t provide any thrilling activities or games. It solely focuses on a serene, peaceful ambience for the customers. Mostly older generations would enjoy this place as it would not fail to trigger their nostalgia with its authentic old style infrastructure. 

Mango Mist Resort

Mango MIst as the name suggests, provides  a chill, fresh, laid back ambience to customers. The infrastructure resembles the beach side shacks, huts and cottages. The minimal design and planning of this place is what attracts family outings. There are various packages which vary in their facilities. These mostly include a standard breakfast, beverages, coupon for activities, and access to the pool etc. 

All of the above resorts have eco-friendly infrastructures and promote eco-friendly ways of sustainability. These defy the high-end five star buildings & facilities and instead focus on going green and environment friendly. 

Festivals are known to bring people closer and strengthen family bonds. If you are new to the city/state, here are some local festivals you can enjoy with your friends and family- (Dharmarayana Karaga is a religious festival celebrated with lots of fervour by the people of Bengaluru. The celebrations happen at night during March/April).

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