Top Tips To Keep Floor Rugs In Excellent Shape!

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With the velvet surface, incredible designs, and magnificent handcrafted art, the beauty of floor rugs can be awe-inspiring. And once you pay for them and install them in your house, these rugs become an inseparable and seamless part of your home decor. However, just like you care for the wooden floor, the furniture and the paint in the house, even your rugs require proper maintenance. After all, you want it to stay an active part of your home decor for decades, isn’t it?

The best ways to maintain your rugs so that they always stay stunning! 

Stunning rugs looking clean and presentable is not just a view you enjoy during the initial years of buying them. Well, you can even pride yourself in having the beautifully-maintained and fine-looking rugs after a decade of owning them. You only need to follow the guidelines provided below to sustain it:

  • Know your rugs well –We are sure you inquired a lot about the carpet before purchasing it. Yes, you know about its type, we agree. It can be an Oriental or a Turkish or a special kind of rug that you bought. Other than this, you must also be aware of its maintenance tips. For example, how to wash it, which detergents are suitable for treating it, and even drying it! Most of the time, the label attached to the rugs provides you with all this information. You only need to follow them accurately so that it stays in intact condition for long.
  • Protect your rug from furniture –Your furniture can cause a lot of wear, tear and damage to your runners. The furniture feet can press a specific area, or when you drag them, these spoil the surface. You must ensure to lift your furniture and move it swiftly from one place to another so that it does not impact your rug!
  • Rotate your rug regularly –If your carpet stays at the same position and place for a long time, moulds accumulate under it, and it also becomes thin at some portions because of the furniture kept over it. The best way to avoid such issues is to rotate them regularly. It will not just protect this rug, but you can even enjoy a new look in the house because of this repositioning.
  • Schedule regular rug cleaning sessions – Even though you vacuum your rugs daily, they become soiled and lose their shine and colour after some time. Even the backside of them becomes dingy and stinks after a few months. That is why professional rug cleaning in Sydney via Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney should be in your schedule once in a few months. They deep clean the rugs through accurate procedures and equipment that automatically make them live longer and stay in their cleanest and best form. 
  •  Prevent placing them in front of direct sunlight – If you want your rugs to stay in the same colour and shade for long, then avoid placing them in front of direct sunlight. The harsh sun rays bleach their colour, and this steals its ideal beauty before time. 
  • Manage the shedding wisely – Sometimes, the new rugs show the issue of shedding. It happens due to vigorous cleaning methods or vacuuming at a very high speed. Try to reduce the vacuum cleaner’s speed and even avoid harsh cleaning techniques. And if you find the fibre coming loose, cut them off (and do not pull them under any circumstances) to stop this issue immediately. 

Apart from all these caring tips, you should also remove the pet hair, waste, and spills on the rug immediately. If these stay for long by any chance, the ugly patches and nasty smell are going to make your carpet appear worse. Remember, you did spend handsomely in buying this rug. Protect your investment (and the beauty of your space) by caring for them accurately. 

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