Understanding the Requirements for Passing the CCNA Certification


Cisco provides five different levels of career certifications. CISCO’s second level of accreditation is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). A CCNA certification validates a professional’s ability to configure, set up, install, troubleshoot, and operate a reasonably sized computer network. These professionals also learn to implement and verify connections to a vast area network (WAN). As a result, this certification is prominent among IT professionals. In addition, considering the skills the candidates acquire, CCNA certification cost is highly effective. 

Preferable Requirements for CCNA Certification

Technically speaking, CISCO has no special requirements for the CISCO CCNA certification. Generally, professionals with 1-2 years of networking experience take the CCNA exam (200-125). However, without any hands-on experience, it can be daunting to clear the examination. Even professionals undergo training from reputable online institutions before appearing for the exam. Hence, it is critical to evaluate the relevant skills and experience. 

Essential Prerequisites for the CCNA Certification

The CCNA exam is the basic foundational exam for the Cisco certification career path. As mentioned above, you do not need to have work experience to appear for this exam; however, hands-on experience and training help acquire the credentials with ease. 

Here are the prerequisites to keep in mind before opting for the CCNA exam are as follows:

1. Age-related restrictions that are applicable:

  a. A person under 13 cannot take the exam even with parental consent.

  b. Persons between the ages of 13 and 17 can take the exam with parental permission.

  c. Persons 18 and above can take up the exam without imposing any restrictions.

2. The second requirement is that the test centre requires a digital photo and signature and two types of personal identification. Failure to fulfil either of these two requirements will prevent the candidate from taking the exam.

Course Outline for CCNA Certification

The CCNA course outline for the CCNA certification exam covers the following areas:

● Understand how different network nodes work together to form a secure IT network;

● Troubleshooting, verifying, and configuring a switch with VLAN & Interswitch communications;

● Explaining the functioning of a computer network and its interactions with networked devices;

● Implementing an IP addressing scheme and IP Services for meeting specific network requirements;

● Identifying network security threats and describing threat mitigation methods and countermeasures;

● Setting up and verifying WAN links and executing the proper techniques to connect to a wide area network;

● Describing and performing the appropriate tasks for administering wireless local area network (WLAN);

● Implementing and supporting Network Address Translation (NAT) and Access Control Lists (ACLs) in branch office networks.

Understanding the Format of the CCNA Exam

Cisco certification exams include drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and simulation testing formats. Therefore, before deciding to take up CCNA training, it is advisable to learn how the learning will take place. 

Some important information relating to this exam is described below:

1. Time Limitation: 200-125 (ICND1 & ICND2) / 90 minutes long

2. Length of the exam: 200-125 (ICND1 & ICND2) contains 60-70 questions

3. Passing Score: Around 75% score is needed to pass this exam. CISCO does not publish the passing score because test questions and passing scores are subjected to change without prior notice. 

Benefits of CCNA Certification

The CCNA certification cost and certified have the following benefits:

● Aids in gaining a job at giant companies having a high payroll;

● Inculcates professionalism along with boosting confidence;

● Makes one eligible to apply for part-time jobs;

● Opens career opportunities for working as a network administrator or a technical support engineer;

● Imbibes the necessary skills required to identify network security threats and ways to mitigate them.

This article has covered how to get a CCNA certification. We discussed the CISCO and CCNA benefits of CCNA certification, minimum requirements, and skills. The total duration of study for the exam can be between three and twelve months or more. Thus, it can be concluded that bearing the CCNA certification cost is beneficial. These are the minimal prerequisites for the CCNA certification exam, which can be opted for by almost anyone. 

CCNA certification not only opens the doors to the network’s success; You can distinguish yourself as a network expert with worldwide recognition. In addition, this certification shows that you are better suited to working on industry-related projects from the get-go.

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