Vaping Vs. smoking: Which is better?

vaping myths help quit smoking

On the outset, inhaling smoke in any form is bad for your health. And even if the smoke in question does not carry any carcinogens, it can still include a long-term habit, one which can affect your respiratory system. But that said, here’s the difference between the two – traditional smoking consists of burning tobacco and delivering nicotine straight to your lungs. And on the other hand, vaping consists of breathing in aerosols, which also happen to contain nicotine and flavoring. So, on the whole, vaping is much safer than traditional cigarettes, and you would not be exposed to carcinogens in any form.

● Which is more harmful?

Now, that’s a billion-dollar question (given that it is a billion-dollar industry). But as to the actual query, of course, traditional cigarettes are inherently more harmful. In perspective, traditional cigarette smoke contains hydrogen cyanide carbon monoxide, along with 300 other carcinogens. So yes, it trumps vaping and just about everything else when it comes to the harmful sweepstakes.

And that’s why vaping is often suggested to smokers to wean them off the traditional cigarettes. Moreover, vaping is available in various forms, and you can check out some of them online – google search vape pen NZ. The advantage of a vape pen is that it is slim, and you can carry it around easily, without much hassle. Moreover, it comes in various flavors, making the whole experience stand out. But it also needs to be pointed out that neither vaping nor cigarette smoking are beneficial to the human body – it’s just that traditional cigarettes are much more harmful to the human body.

Smoking is inherently harmful: You would think that repeating this continuously would do the trick, but it seems to have the opposite effect with more fresh smokers joining the club daily. But the facts are that smoking is indeed harmful to the human body, not just because it contains carcinogens.

If you happen to be addicted to smoking and need to smoke at least a pack a day, it would be advisable to go in for a full medical checkup. You’re liable to find that your sperm count has dropped way down, and in pregnant women, they can induce the fetus to develop Down’s syndrome, among other co-morbidities.

Long-term smoking will hurt your respiratory system; it can even induce asthma, which, as you well know, happens to be a lifelong condition. You would also be prone to stroke and episodes of fits if you happen to be a chronic smoker.

Vaping and why it makes sense: Given all that the traditional cigarette brings to the table, you would seriously need to contemplate switching over to vaping. For starters, vaping comes in various sizes and shapes. Most starter kits are reasonably priced, and to lessen the impact of change, the most basic starter pack is shaped like a traditional cigarette.

And the resemblance ends there. It comes with a disposable cartridge that you can change when it’s over. As for how long the cartridge lasts, it more or less depends on how you inhale the non-carcinogenic smoke. And of course, there’s the fact that it comes in various intriguing flavors, which should make it worthwhile to vape.

Vaping and THC: Some have taken to smoking tetrahydrocannabinol or THC to alleviate the pain associated with their medical condition. And a few doctors have recommended the same since the substance does help to alleviate the intense pain and discomfort. But not everyone can purchase a THC on the counter, but you would require a medical certificate attesting to your condition.

And these should make it apparent which is better; smoking or vaping?

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