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The ultrafiltration processes

What is the simplest definition of ultrafiltration? It is a system that filters and purifies water, making it suitable for hygienic and healthy consumption.

Water Logic ultrafiltration systems are equipped with technologically advanced membranes that act as a “sieve” to filter out impurities and contaminants. The water goes through several stages, each of which is thoroughly cleaned.

After all impurities are removed, the water is chlorinated to destroy bacteria and pathogens. This is something that Water Logic wants to avoid at all costs, as water can make it sick when used.

Fully purified water is packaged for distribution. But is this why Water Logic’s ultrafiltration system is the best? No! The price is also very attractive.

Unlike other companies, we are committed to keeping costs low so that those who need it can have access to clean water. That’s why we design our systems for industrial and commercial use to be extremely cost-effective and efficient.

People living in countries like Pakistan do not have access to clean water. The system installed by this company will definitely make a difference for the better. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable ultrafiltration plant system, you must trust Water Logic.

What is the ultrafiltration process?

The ultrafiltration process involves the use of a filtration membrane. The process is very similar to reverse osmosis, but the membrane specification is different. Ultrafiltration membranes typically have a pore size of 103 to 106 Daltons.

Hydrostatic pressure pushes the solvent through the semi-permeable membrane. Suspended solids and high molecular weight solutes are retained, while low molecular weight solutes, including water molecules, pass through the membrane. This process removes excess particulate matter, pathogens, and viruses, resulting in clean drinking water.

The semi-permeable membrane and its structure play an important role in this process. Its precise measurement guarantees the final result. That’s why the best ultrafiltration plants, like the one at Water logic in Pakistan, use high-quality filtration membranes to provide clean, drinkable water to the greatest number of people.

The semipermeable membranes used in ultrafiltration must be so thin that only certain molecules, such as water, can pass through. It must be able to separate substances when they are pushed through the membrane.

What is ultrafiltration for?

Today’s ultrafiltration plants use advanced technology to create highly intelligent semi-permeable thin membranes that can remove colloidal particles (0.01-1.0 microns) and some of the larger dissolved contaminants from water. Specific molecular weight limitations determine the size of the particles that can pass through the filtration membrane. This means that raw water can be quickly and effectively purified for daily use.

They are widely used as an alternative to secondary and tertiary filtration systems used in water treatment plants. In this way, the growing problem of ensuring clean drinking water can be more easily addressed over time.

Famous Filtration Services

Many popular filtration services use new filtration technologies, such as ultrafiltration, in place of traditional methods. One of these companies is Water Logic in Pakistan. We understand that developing countries like Pakistan need clean water and that it is in short supply. That is why we have proposed to use the most advanced technology to supply safe and healthy water to our population.

The end products of our plants are free of any harmful chemicals. Water Logic International prides itself on being ISO certified and delivering high quality results in compliance with all regulatory requirements for water quality. This is to maintain quality assurance and control. The recycled and treated water from the plant is widely used in industrial processes and domestic work.

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