What are the benefits and negatives of Laser Surgery for Piles


Piles or Hemorrhoids result from swelling of blood vessels and/or tissues that lie beneath the the rectum. The rectum is a swarm of glands tissue, nerve endings, tissues as well as blood vessels. If a lot of pressure is deposited in the region due to constipation, diarrhoea or lifting weights, or another reason may cause the development of piles. Piles are classified as both external and internal depending on the area of expansion. Internal piles develop in the skin of the anus and rectum. External piles can be seen on the anus. Piles that are mild may not exhibit any signs, but in the majority of instances, they result in itching, irritation and pain, as well as inflammation of the region and may even blood.

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How do piles are treated?

There are a variety of non-surgical and surgical options to deal with piles. The ligation of a rubber band, the freezing piles and cutting them out using energy beams are a few alternatives. The most current method of treating piles is “Treatment of piles with the laser’. This is a breakthrough technology, and is performed by Dr. Azhar Alam, one of Kolkata’s top Piles surgeons, was quick to implement the treatment using lasers for the patients he treated within The Kolkata Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, Kolkata.

Benefits of Laser Piles Surgery

There are numerous advantages of treating piles using laser surgery in comparison to other techniques that rely on an incision. This includes:

Minimal loss of bloodThe most crucial aspect during any surgical procedure is the loss of blood during the procedure. When lasers are used, as the layers are removed, it is able to seal the blood tissue and blood vessels, resulting in lesser (actually significantly lesser) loss of blood. Some doctors assert that loss of blood is virtually zero. If the cut is closed (at at least in part) the chance of getting infected are reduced by many times.

Low Pain- Laser cutting is typically less painful than surgical incisions using a scalpel. Although the procedure is performed with local anesthesia it wears off patients may begin to feel the discomfort. When it comes to laser surgery it is much less.

Fastly completed – Removal of piles by laser technology is generally more efficient as compared to other surgical methods of removal of piles. The average time needed to remove piles can be as short as 30 minutes based on the location and the amount of piles being removed. The patient is allowed to leave the hospital shortly after surgery and will not require hospitalization.

Fast healing – Less loss of blood less chance of infection, and partially sealed tissues following surgery lead to rapid healing of the surgical region. In the majority of cases, patients who have undergone laser surgery to treat piles will be able return to work one week after surgery. It is evident that life-style quality lives has improved so quickly following surgery.

The risk of damage to other tissues – When the piles are treated by an skilled laser surgeon, your odds of causing damage to other tissues around the piles or within the spinchter muscles are much less. If the muscles of the spinchter are injured for any reason, it can cause faecal incontinence, and, if it is like the condition that has gotten worse.

Lasers that provide precision-based treatments – The laser beams are so small and precise that it is utilized in many industries, such as medical tech. A skilled urologist or gastro surgeon may make use of lasers to eliminate only the problem area, and leave (piles) the good portion of the body.

The disadvantages of treating piles with laser

All coins have two sides. Every technology has its pros and bad sides. The same goes for laser treatment for piles has its disadvantages.

While the procedure isn’t longer than conventional surgeries but the technical element and benefits increase the price of laser treatments more in comparison to other procedures. Since the benefits are greater than the potential complications that may arise post-op the procedure can be considered to be affordable.

Utilizing laser beams to treat ailments isn’t a straightforward job. Each laser fiber will be used only for a limited number of situations; thus, the spare laser fiber must be easily available.

Treatment is provided by Kolkata Laser Gastro

Be aware the fact that pimples can be a frequent problem that affects more than 50 percent of people. Talk to your Piles doctor in Kolkata if experiencing one of the symptoms of piles and seek the appropriate treatment. If your doctor suggests surgery as a last resort opt for laser surgery over any other traditional scalpel-based surgery. We’re certain that there are plenty of surgeons who can deal with piles within Kolkata with the latest technology in lasers, but should you require an time with the top Urologist in Kolkata Dr. Azhar Alam, all you have to do is contact us at (+91 9007709736) from 9am to 7pm to schedule your appointment. We provide the most effective laser treatment for piles in Kolkata that is the safest and most effective method for treating piles efficiently.

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