What Can You Do With Your Own Alaskan Mill?

With Your Own Chainsaw Mill

When you are thinking about buying an Alaskan Mill USA saw millers recommend, a great option is one of the portable mills. You can take it almost anywhere depending on the model you choose and it is great for small logging and lumber needs. The smaller ones can even be taken right into the woods if you need to. Depending on the need some can even be taken apart, loaded into your truck and then put them back together on site. A larger model is less portable but able to handle more logs and larger logs. If you choose that option then you will need to get the right towing gear or do what some sawyers do and buy a large portable saw mill but treat it like a stationary mill and bring the lumber back to it.

Start out working on smaller jobs

If you are not doing this professionally but just want to work on small projects that you are cutting your own lumber for a portable sawmill with Alaskan mill rails is your best bet. Sometimes it is hard to find the exact lumber and cuts you want. Sometimes the prices of lumber have risen and it makes it hard to carry on with your project. When you have trees on your property that need to come down you can easily mill them yourself and solve all your lumber problems. Build your own tables, flooring, chairs, shed, decking and more. You can save a lot of money and have a lot of fun doing all the projects you want to your heart’s content without being restricted by what lumber you can buy.

Expand your services over time

You can expand how you use your mill once you are an expert with it, offer your services to friends and family, charge a small fee and make a little money. You can save them money on buying lumber too even with a small charge. Or of course, you can offer your help for free.

Renting out your mill

If you are not using your sawmill with Alaskan mill rails you could consider renting it out. You might have friends and neighbours who are looking for short-term use of a mill and do not want to invest in their own one. It is a nice way to make a little extra money without really having to do anything for it!

Start a proper business

If you are thinking of using one to start your own business you might want to choose a larger portable Alaskan Mill USA rather than a smaller one. It depends though on the kind of wood you will need to cut and how often you will be using it. For something just part-time a smaller to mid type might be fine. If you think you will be using it for 5 days or more then a larger one is needed. You might also need to consider whether you need another person working with you, a larger portable mill needs two people to operate it for example. Eventually, you might find that your business is doing well and you can expand further by getting another mill and hiring more people.

Bio – The highly versatile Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill provides convenience and durability in a single tool for transforming raw logs into lumber. The solo chainsaw mill can be moved with a utility vehicle and the devices can easily be transported with a bush plane or helicopter. The type of lumber that can be cut is only limited by the chainsaw being used.

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