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Hemorrhoids are vascular tissues within the anal canal that aid in controlling stool. When they are in their natural state, they function as a cushion made of arterio-venous canals and connective tissue which aids in the flow of stool. They can develop into clinical (piles) when they become swollen or inflamed. Piles are a fairly frequent ailment, which can affect women and men at any stage of life. They can be either external or internal. You should go to visit the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

The inheritance of family members is also a factor. Women are more vulnerable to developing piles during pregnancy because the pressure of the expanding uterus reduces blood flow to the pelvis. Other factors in the lifestyle can have an effect.

What are the symptoms of piles?

Itching or irritation and bleeding or painful outgrowth(s). If the piles become more serious issues they may exhibit the following signs noted:


Anus bleeding excessively can cause anemia

Inability to control stool movements is also referred to as fecal incontinence.

An anal fistula can form because of cuts on the surface of the anal skin as well as the insides of the anus

The development of hemorrhoid strangulated, in hemorrhoid’s blood supply gets shut off, which can cause complications like blood clots and infection.

What are the main reasons for piles?

These conditions are caused by constant pressure within the veins. Other reasons include constipation, straining excessively in bowel movements, and chronic diarrhea.

What is the best way to diagnose piles?

The diagnosis is made by taking the history as well as physical examination of the rectum.

What are the options for Piles?

In the majority of instances, the piles will be cleared completely without needing any kind of treatment. A few of the possibilities of treatment options that can be used to help with pimples are listed below.

Food: A change in your diet could help keep your stool normal and soft and therefore, do not strain your anus. Start eating more fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables, and Brain-based cereals for breakfast. Avoid coffee and tea, and to boost your intake of water.

Diet:Losing weight will help in decreasing the severity and frequency of piles. Medical professionals advise patients to begin exercising to be one of the most effective treatments for this problem.

Medicines:If the diet and weight loss aren’t enough to stop the problem then you’ll need to take treatment. There are a variety of medications available for sale, including creams, ointments, and painkillers. There are also creams for treating piles. Corticosteroids are helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. Piles Specialist in Kolkata may also suggest laxatives that aid in the flow of bowels without putting tension on the colon.

Procedures of Piles Surgery :

The procedure to treat hemorrhoids is known as “Minimally Invasive Treatment to Haemorrhoids’ (MIPH), or ‘Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy’..

The procedure employs a stapling device that makes use of the fact that nerve fibers do not exist at the top of the canal of the anal.

In this process the mucosa over the line of dentate (containing part of the pile mass) is removed and stapled using the stapler, thus stopping bleeding and prolapse. These piles are pressed into a cup-like chamber in the stapler. When the stapler is fired the titanium staples break and seal at the same time which causes very little bleeding.

Because cutting the line of cut is located above the nerves which means there is less post-operative discomfort. Additionally, there is no incision made on the perianal skin or lower section of the anal canal, and the wound inside the anal mucosa can be typically closed with staplers, so there is no need for any dressing post-operatively.

It’s less painful and helps to ensure a quick recovery.

The piles are an easily treatable and common ailment so there’s nothing to worry about. If you take care of it and get the treatment you can return to your health within a matter of minutes. You should follow this blog for more updates.

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