What Essential Tools Do Home Inspection Team Need During Inspections?

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Home inspections have to be successful. It is not possible without the help of simple technical devices. These are the basic tools that any home inspector must carry during the inspections. No matter which home inspection team you hire, they are technically advanced.

You will also come across a home inspection team that use very sophisticated tools to provide an in-depth report and analysis. You can book the services of the best home inspector in Salt Lake City for home inspections. 

Professional home inspection services can be booked online or offline. Before you hire, it is always useful to collect information about the type of tools they will be using. This will also give you an idea of what you can expect to be mentioned in the home inspection report.

What are the tools home inspectors use?

In simple terms, home inspection tools can be referred to as safety gears. These are mainly used at the time of conducting the home inspections. The tools are designed so that mistakes can be avoided. The same tools are also effective so the process of home inspections can be more accurate and on time.

The tools will also help the inspector understand if the property has been maintained in the past years or not.

Common home inspections tools

  1. Flashlight

You may hardly come across any home inspection team that does not invest money on a powerful flashlight. In most cases, the professional team may use a rechargeable type of flashlight. The tools are mainly used so the most difficult areas can be inspected.

A powerful flashlight will also reveal the most difficult water stain marks. The team will use the flashlight to inspect the drywall patches and the moisture stains on the walls and ceiling. A good team will always ensure that they are equipped with a handy piece of powerful flashlight at all times.

  1. Moisture meter

This certainly can be considered as one of the most useful home inspections tools. The device can be portable type. It mainly operates on an LED power battery. The gadget is very useful so the moisture levels can be detected.

The meter will give the reading on a digital scale. In case leaks are detected then the meter will take the reading and report it. The reading will also be mentioned on the report that is submitted by the team after the inspections.

  1. AWL

Any home will have a wooden frame. Old homes may also have wooden floors and false ceilings. With time the wood will rot. In most cases, it is never easy to determine if the wood is damaged or not. This also becomes very difficult if the wooden frame is concealed inside the wall or under the floor.

This is where home inspectors will make use of the AWL tool. It is a simple tool that will help determine the condition of the rotten wood. The tool will allow the inspection team to inspect the condition of the wood beneath the painted wall as well.

  1. Testing device

This type of device has generally termed the tester. It is mainly used to analyze the condition of the electrical lines. The tool is also helpful to scrap the top surface of the peeling paint. If any component of the electrical line is missing then it can easily be detected using the tester tool.

A good home inspection team will also invest money in modern digital tools. They will have all types of tools to measure the elevation of the floor and the ceiling. Teams that perform advance home inspections will also make use of highly sophisticated tools.

The good home inspection team will mostly rely on the efficiency of the tools they are using during the home inspections. 

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