What exactly is a vape? Is it safer than smoking? If so, why?

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Do you remember the old predictions of the future, those taking place a century or more from the time they were made? They always show this enlightened, peaceful society wherein everyone had abandoned any kind of addiction aside from perhaps alcohol and people still being obsessed with careers even in the face of capitalism being blessedly eliminated. This includes cigarettes, something that Star Trek famously commented on more than once across multiple series. Well, most of us kind of rolled our eyes at it even then, fully aware that getting people to give up addictions like this is something that kind of defies human nature no matter how fixated on health we become in the future.

Vape technology pretty much demonstrates this, as in the face of society becoming rather bounds-overstepping in their forcefulness in getting people to abandon cigarettes, people didn’t shake their addiction to nicotine, they just found another way to do it where they wouldn’t be harassed for it. That is what vape technology is all about, a way to satisfy your craving without being harassed for it, without producing secondhand smoke and also living a healthier lifestyle as a result.

So, what is this technology? It is indeed a descendent of the old e-cigarette concept first pioneered at the beginning of the century, though it is vastly better than any of those ever work. To be blunt, old e-cigarette technology tasted terrible, was harder to inhale than even rough cigarette smoke and was often not the healthiest formula in and of itself. While the basic technology in concept hasn’t changed, the formulation of the juice has changed drastically. So, vape juice itself is evaporated by a heated coil whenever someone pulls on their vape, creating an inhalable mist. It is not actually smoke, there is no combustion, there is no secondhand smoke, etc.

What are you getting in this juice, though? Nothing remotely harmful, unlike cigarette smoke. It simply contains a glycerin compound, an alternative source of nicotine similar to that found in patches and gums and some sort of artificial flavoring. All of these artificial flavorings must pass FDA regulations, as must the formula for the glycerin compound, this compound itself being completely inert to the human body. Nicotine, which people often assume is the cause of medical conditions resulting from smoking, is actually pretty harmless in and of itself. It is extremely toxic of concentrated, but no consumer product gets within a parsec of being that concentrated. It is simply highly addictive, and not the healthiest thing for people with high blood pressure or those whose bodies have not finished growing.

So, with the absence of the ash and carcinogens from cigarette smoke, the absence of the danger of something being literally on fire and the complete and total absence of secondhand smoke, this is a vastly healthier alternative. If you’re interested in switching to vapes products, Vape Australia is your one-stop shop for vape products from the leading manufacturers, with the widest range of flavors and implementations on the market for Aussies craving a safer way to enjoy their habit!

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