What Is Nicotine E Liquid Made Of?

nicotine E liquid

You have been hearing a lot about alternatives to smoking over the years, with E cigarettes being the first thing back in the early 2000’s. If you’re anything like me and many other people, you didn’t like these things, they were kind of awful. The problem was with the E liquid itself in those, which was a vastly different formula than what is used today, through and through. It was irritating, it tasted bad and it was actually just as bad for you as cigarettes, it came to be revealed. Not only are modern vapes and modern E liquid made by completely different companies, but aside from sharing the concept of a battery-powered heating coil to evaporate the juice, they have nothing else in common with their ancestral E cigarettes.

E liquid, especially nicotine E liquid, is very simple in its formulation. I am going to now go over the 3 basic components used in it, and explain why they are, at least in the immediate, pretty harmless. We don’t know that this combination of stuff is 100% harmless, as a user base needs use it for much longer for any latent, long-term health issues to reveal themselves just as was the case with tobacco in many other substances over the years. We aren’t expecting any long-term issues to arise, though, knowing how these 3 components impact people in their many other practical applications that have long been studied.

The nicotine itself is not tobacco. It is derived from tobacco and other nicotine-producing herbal supplements, but it is isolated and purified into a crystalline form known as salt nicotine. There is nothing actually salt about this, salt is just used to describe soluble, metallic -like mineral crystals, especially organic ones like nicotine.

Nicotine isn’t in and of itself all that harmful, just very addictive and not good for developing or unhealthy bodies. This sort of nicotine has been long used in things like gums, patches and other substitutes to allow people to wean themselves off tobacco in an effort to quit. So, we have several decades of experience with salt nicotine and its potential effects on human body, and no real problems have arisen yet beyond its obvious addictive nature.

The bulk of the solution is an inert glycerin compound, most commonly propylene glycol, though sometimes vegetable oil. In Australia, it is just as easy to get a hold of vegetable oil products as it is propylene glycol, but in much of the world, it is predominantly propylene glycol. If you’ve never heard of propylene glycol, there is a guarantee that you have experienced it at some point. If you have ever visited a fun house at a carnival or an amusement park, and there was some sort of fog used, with that very light but distinct almost vanilla sent to it, that was propylene glycol. It is also used in inhalers and other products, it is inert, converting to the form of water when passed out of the body.

Lastly, E liquid of all forms, not just nicotine E liquid, contain an artificial flavoring. These have to pass the same sort of food and drug regulations that artificial flavorings and anything else do, and are also inert, aside from their stimulation of olfactory and tastebuds. These flavors can be very diverse, but they usually have a slight effervescence to the not unlike methylation, just to give them a sensation due to the absence of harsh ash-laden smoke.

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