What is the difference between web design and web development?

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Web creator is a career path which has allured a large number of people to take and start their career in the field of web creator but are you unsure about the difference between web design and development then this article is the best one to know about it for you so let us begin with it and get to know more and more about it. 

A web designer is actually a graphic artist who is responsible for the layout designing of the things and visual appearance of the website as well. Whereas, on the other hand, a web developer is a person who is someone who builds and has the work of maintaining the core structure of the website. If we see that web design is a person who must possess an array of creative, graphic and also technical skills also so that the things could be done in a proper way. 

A web developer is a task with converting the web design into some functional website and then they can also use coding languages which are like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and also Python. If you are concerned about this then you must focus on what we design and what web developer does so that you have a deep understanding of the things that web developer does and what a web designer does. 

Role of a web designer – 

The person has a varied set of tasks and responsibilities to take care of but the main work revolves around creating outlook as well as visual aspects for the website for which they are working, they also need to do proper research for their work to give better results to their customers. There are several key resources and documents of web designers which we are going to tell you in the article below. 

  1. Contracts of web designing 
  2. Briefs of web designing 
  3. Questionnaires of web designing 
  4. Proposals for a website 

There are three types of web designers which are given below for you – 

  • Users experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI) 
  • Visual 

Skills to be known by a web designer – 

  • HTML and CSS knowledge 
  • Responsive and interaction design 
  • Mapping of the user journey 
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Wireframing and also prototyping 
  • Design tools and software 
  • Branding and color theory and also typography 

Role of web developer – 

The role of web developers mainly focuses on creating and also maintaining a core structure of the website. The role usually involves a lot of technical work like coding, etc, and many other things in other words they need to provide web development services to their clients and people. 

There are usually three major types of web developers which are as mentioned below – 

  1. Front end developer 
  2. Back end developer 
  3. Full-stack developer 

Skills to be known by a developer – 

  • Testing and debugging 
  • Back ends and database 
  • Coding along with programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also PHP. 

Wrapping Up: In this article, we have covered all the differences between website designing and website development. We have given all the major aspects of web design and development. If you have any queries or suggestions then comment down or contact us via the contact form.

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