What is the need for automated packaging?

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If your automated packaging process is unable to keep up with demand or is prohibitively expensive in terms of labour or materials, it is time to automate. Here are eight compelling arguments in favour of automated packaging.

1.Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your orders

Manual packaging can result in problems with quality and accuracy, which can lead to increased operational costs as a result. Automated packing, on the other hand, provides consistency and quality. Reduced refunds, happier customers, and more recurring business are all benefits of this strategy.

2. You are anticipating growth

Examine what would happen if your company’s revenue grew at its maximum potential. The inability to meet demand is the most frequently cited reason for adopting automated packaging solutions. Being proactive today will assist you in reaching your future objectives. Waiting too long may prevent you from fulfilling future orders, resulting in a loss of business for both you and your vendors.

3.You overpay your customers for labour

Salaries, hourly wages, Social Security/Medicare, worker’s compensation, unemployment, and vacation time are all included in labour costs, as are other benefits. In the event that an employee becomes ill, you must acquire temporary personnel, which raises your labour costs. The automated packaging machinery, on the other hand, is normally operated by a single person. The labour savings alone may be sufficient to pay for the machinery within one or two years after purchase.

The use of automated packing reduces the need to terminate the employment of productive individuals. Instead, it enables you to better utilise certain team members, such as those in customer service or information technology. Finally, satisfied customers translate into higher revenue.

4. Your labour force is unable to keep up

If your team fails to meet its objectives, merchants may decide to discontinue selling your products. Inviting employees to work longer hours, if at all possible, increases stress, which leads to mistakes and a high rate of attrition. The consequent employment cycle, as well as the costs and difficulties that come with it, may be sufficient justification for investigating automated packing.

Keep in mind that adding more shifts will demand your present equipment automated packaging to work harder and for a longer period of time. Always remember to account for the additional expenses of maintaining the status quo, as well as the costs of downtime while repairs are being completed.

5. You are concerned about the safety of your employees

Over time, repeated activities may lead to an increase in workplace injuries. Paid absence and disability have a negative impact on your bottom line. Among the injuries that can occur are back injuries produced by manual lifting, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even respiratory difficulties caused by poor air circulation in the workplace. Automation may be able to easily outweigh the cost savings from reduced worker’s compensation claims.

6. You generate an excessive amount of waste

Compared to mechanised packaging, labour wastes more material. It is possible to experience all of these consequences if you overfill or puncture your bags. Cuts and fills performed by robots are substantially more exact than those performed by hand. Find out how much money you can save by utilising this service.

7. Your packaging is plain and uninteresting

Automation is particularly useful for simple, repetitive tasks. When it comes to simple shaped boxes, packaging, and filling, automation is a no-brainer. When it comes to goods that are strangely shaped, huge, or heavy, automation may or may not be the best solution. You should seek the advice of a TDI Packsys professional.

You Have a Lot of Long Switchovers

Changing over the lines at a company that produced diverse commodities on a weekly basis may take up to eight hours in some cases. “During these lengthy changeovers, up to 20 personnel sat around waiting for the next product and machinery,” according to the storey. By using high-speed automated packaging machinery, the necessity for these time-consuming changeovers was reduced significantly.

Packaging Solutions from TDI Packs can be automated to meet your needs

By automating your packaging process, you will be able to respond swiftly to spikes in demand and ensure that vendors receive their orders on schedule. Customers are pleased as a result of employees working more efficiently and safely. For additional information, please contact TDI Packsys.

How our automated packaging lines can help you save money while also exceeding your expectations is explained below.

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