What Is Acne And What Is The Reason For A Breakout Of Acne After Waxing The Face?


Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. Almost 80% of the people worldwide are struggling with this problem. There are many reasons for an acne breakout. And break out of acne after face waxing is the most complicated and confusing them all.

It is because face waxing is one of the ways for hair removal. It is a common procedure done by many women and men at least once every month. So, the main reason for face waxing is to achieve a fresh look. But, acne breakout after waxing causes a major hindrance to it.

What are the causes of acne breakout after waxing?

While most people may blame waxing for the flare-up of pimples after waxing the face, it is not to blame at all. It is pretty common to get acne and pimple after waxing such as small bumps, blackheads, whiteheads, or puss-filled acne.

There are many reasons for the breakouts such as;

  1. Exposure of pimples: After waxing the pores of your skin may be exposed to the atmosphere. Open pores give plenty of areas for bacteria to enter. This bacterial reaction after waxing causes acne to form.
  2. The Pre and post-waxing products: The products that are applied to your skin to prep it for waxing or applied after waxing may react adversely with your skin causing pimples.
  3. Roughness: If waxing is done a bit roughly then irritation may be caused which can trigger breakouts on the skin.

How to avoid acne after waxing?

Waxing is one of the most sought-after ways of hair removal due to the many skin benefits and ease of hair removal. Certain precautionary measures should be followed to keep acne after waxing at bay;

  • Prep your skin beforehand: The best way to prep your face properly before waxing is to exfoliate and cleanse. Using warm water coupled with a gentle exfoliator, exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells and debris. You can use a store-bought exfoliator or make one at home using some caster sugar and petroleum jelly/ oil/ water. After that double cleanse your face to make sure that there are no products such as makeup remaining on the skin.
  • Sanitation is key: Keeping all the areas and things clean is also important. The utensils being used for waxing should be fresh, clean, and sanitized. As unsanitized utensils can cause major bacterial break out on the skin. Wash your hands before you wax. And in case of in a salon advise the person tending you to wash their hands with soap before touching your face.
  • Using the perfect wax: There are many different types and kinds of wax available and being used worldwide. Different wax has different ingredients in them. It is a huge possibility that you may be allergic to one of those ingredients. Hence try a different face wax in that case. Tea tree-infused wax is a great option for those who face the problem of acne breakouts. Try a different salon in case of facing this problem constantly. As it may be due to unsanitary activities or roughness by which the skin is handled in a particular salon.
  • Pre waxing Activities: Make sure the skin is not too dry before waxing. Drink more water and moisturize your skin a night before waxing. Make use of gentle and unscented powder such as baby powder to apply on the skin before waxing. the powder will absorb any moisture present on the skin making sure there is no need to apply wax multiple times on the same area.
  • Post waxing activities: After waxing it is essential to take care of your skin to ensure there are no major problems, bacterial infection, or an onslaught of pimples. Therefore after waxing use a gentle oil-free moisturizer or astringent on the skin to soothe your skin. After that apply a cooling and moisturizing face mask to close all the open pores. This will decrease the chance of dirt and bacteria filling the pores. 
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