What Should I Know About Vapes As A Newcomer?


Are you a long time smoker looking to change to a potentially healthier way of life, as well as one without a lot of the other drawbacks of smoking or other tobacco use? Have you tried things like quitting gums and patches, switching to those cigarettes made out of herbs or the like, and none of that cuts the mustard? So, this leaves you interested in the other alternative, a modern innovation known as the vape. Maybe you even tried those E cigarettes from the early 2000’s, and that didn’t go over well with you, just as they did and with most people. That itself might have made you reticent to mess with vapes or try them, but you are actually missing out if that’s the case. I say this from personal experience, having avoided vapes for some time after trying E cigarettes initially.

So, what should you know about these? Well, let’s start with the juice itself, which isn’t burnt but merely evaporated for inhaling. The juice is made of a glycerin compound, usually something like vegetable oil or propylene glycol, and is just an inert bulk substance. When you see someone exhale vape, this is all that is coming out because the body doesn’t really absorb it.

The artificial flavoring is similarly inert, and must pass the same food and drug regulations than any other flavoring does, rendering it pretty much harmless as well. The nicotine, where present, is a salt nicotine extract, and there’s nothing of actual salt to it. It’s actually called that because of its pure, molecular crystal nature, nothing of the tobacco itself actually being left. It’s the same nicotine use in those gums and patches, and it’s chemically the same nicotine that you get from a cigarette without the other nasty trappings.

Nicotine itself isn’t really particularly harmful compared to other things. It’s extremely addictive, and growing bodies and people with respiratory or cardiac issues shouldn’t be using it, but healthy adults aren’t really that harmed by the substance in the dosages found in smoking in vape products. That said, it is too soon to flat out call these products completely harmless, some amount of time must pass in order for any latent health issues from long-term use to reveal themselves. This isn’t expected, though, knowing what we know about these chemicals at this point, meaning that it would be a real surprise if any long-term health effects discovered. But, be aware that this could happen, as it could with any new thing that comes along.

Without the ash, caustic chemicals and so forth from combustion, there are none of the known risks from cigarettes present, including cancer, lung and heart diseases, gum diseases and so forth. It lacks any secondhand smoke, residual odor or danger from combustion either, meaning that we can flat out say that it is vastly healthier than smoking regardless of what is discovered down the line.

Of course, wherever smoking is band, use of these is also banned out of fairness and simplicity, so the one thing it can do for you is that you get away with smoking and non-smoking areas. It sucks, but what are you going to do? If you are interested in switching to a healthier lifestyle like this, like uwell or uwell caliburn, Shosha Australia is your one-stop shop online for the best vape products on the market!

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