What should I know before getting custom shirts made?

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I don’t think it’s necessary for me to advocate for the power, prestige and effectiveness of custom shirts for your staff, customers or event attendees. They have been a thriving industry and a popular giveaway since the beginning of the 20th century for an obvious reason. Besides, if you are searching for t shirt printers Miami or t shirts printed Miami, you are already plainly aware of this.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the 3 basic methods used for creating custom shirts in brief, I will talk about their merits, and I will tell you what you need to provide so that you can save time and get better service when dealing with your shop of choice. While they will obviously go out of their way to try to discern what you need and be patient in allowing you to provide it, you can get better service with faster turnaround if you are prepared ahead of time!

That said, there are 3 basic types of custom shirts or screen printing in miami. The most common is still referred to as silk screen despite the fact that the methodology is a little different these days. This nowadays uses a custom printer which uses a special type of pigment instead of traditional printer ink and special heat transfer paper. The graphic is mirrored, printed and placed facedown over the shirt, and then a heating press or iron is used. It’s the same concept as those iron on sheets that you get sometimes from cereal boxes or as giveaways, just usually better quality. For these, you should have your logo, photo or piece of art prepared in a standard image format, having run it through Photoshop with some hue, saturation and lighting balancing done, and it should be much bigger than you intend for it to appear on the shirt. Remember, traditional graphics can be shrunk gracefully, but not enlarged! These types of shirts are the most affordable and capable of the most elaborate graphics, but are susceptible to fading from washing, UV exposure or simple age.

The next is the use of rubberized logos. This is extremely expensive and labor-intensive, requiring you to provide either a vector graphic from a program like illustrator, or to pay a considerable amount for them to convert it to a vector for you. This is necessary because a cutting machine utilizes vectors as paths to cut the different shapes out of sheets of special heat-sensitive rubber. Once cut and assembled on the shirt, the same basic heating press can be used to get the graphics to adhere to the shirt. Not only are these expensive, but they tend to be very susceptible to heat, meaning that the logos will crumble or peel off over time.

Finally, we have embroidery, probably the most expensive but also a compromise on durability, quality and so forth. It also requires the same vector information, so there is that issue, and of course, there are limits to what physical pieces of fabric and stitching can achieve as far as visual complexity. However, various materials can be used, heavier shirts with better fabrics can be used, and they are the most durable and long-lived shirts. If you are intending to sell merchandise with your graphics on them, this may be the best way to go if you really want a top-quality product.

If you are searching for miami embroidered apparel, or t shirt printers Miami, now you have a working knowledge of the different technologies and types of shirts produced, you will get far better turn around and better service altogether now that you know and understand this going in!

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