What to look at while choosing the Drupal Contributed Modules?

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choosing the Drupal Contributed Modules – Before heading straight to the details that users must take into account while choosing the Drupal Contributed Modules, let’s talk a bit about the modules in Drupal.

A Drupal module, to begin with, is a set of code (collection of files containing code) to fuse new features into the core Drupal. It is to enhance the core functionality (that you wish that your site or application has) of Drupal. The tech developers running this code can integrate this functionality. The Drupal community has derived a whole set of different modules for catering to the site functionality boosting needs. Therefore, you can add any desired functionality to the website using the module. In addition, you can purchase Fast Drupal Hosting and take your website performance to the next level.

Contributed Modules of Drupal 

To understand this module, you need to be aware of other types, e.g., core and custom modules. The former is the set of modules (features) that come with the original Drupal when users download the Drupal. Also, the users can enable/ disable them on their own accord. While the latter is the custom modules that tech-geeks (if you are) or developers write themselves to boost the Fast Drupal Hosting website functionalities. Obviously, APIs, PHP Programming, etc., should be known to do it.

Now come back to the contributed modules that aren’t available with the Drupal core. More specifically, they are independent. If you need them, you have to download these modules separately and can enable them to start leveraging them for your website. The best part is almost all of them are free.

Names of some Contributed Modules

There is a long list of the modules (can’t be covered here). Still and all, jotting down some names here in the following list

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation
  • Apigee API Catalog
  • Automatic Updates
  • BigCommerce
  • Blog
  • Chatbot API

Factors to consider while choosing the Drupal Contributed Modules

So it is understood that you can enhance the functionality using the vast array of modules. However, it’s not like you will install all the modules available. Even if that’s the case of module installation, it will burden the website performance. They are more like WordPress plugins, a separate plugin for each functionality.

So the users must be installing the only necessary and best fits ones. Nonetheless, how to choose them is still an enigma, so shortlist them according to:

  • Compatibility

The very first detail you need to consider is the compatibility of the module. That is, your chosen module should be in agreement with the installed Drupal version. The current Drupal version is Drupal 8. However, Drupal 9 is almost ready to roll out. In short, the module should be compatible with your existing Drupal.

  • Update Activityof the Module

Any derived or developed program or source code needs to be updated periodically to work in conjunction with the latest editions of tech systems. If errors and bugs pop up, they can be sorted out quickly. So you need to check if your chosen module has been actively maintained since its development. Or else it has been unaltered ever since. The latter case isn’t much appreciable, and you should avoid those contributed modules that can tarp you with bugs and security issues now or in the future.

  • Documentation

The next attribute to scan over is the documentation of the module. The documentation helps understand how the software/ module works and how to use it alongside many other essential details. Therefore, you need to go with the module that has complete and understandable documentation.

  • Popularity

It might sound weird, but honestly speaking, popularity can help you land on the suitable module at best. The module with a large number of users will indeed have been best in quality and usability. Also, if you have stuck anywhere, you can seek help not only from the professional but also from the Drupal users. Similarly, you can avoid the modules that aren’t popular with Drupal website users. It does not matter if it is due to compatibility, documentation, module update, or simply because of other reasons.

Now using the following instructions, the decision of choosing the Drupal Contributed Modules will be much easier for you. Also, when deciding to use Drupal for your website, all you need is a web host with Secure Drupal hosting services. Navicosoft provides safe and fast Drupal hosting fueled with the latest technology innovations. For instance, it includes Cloud flare Integration, Custom Control Panel, and so forth.

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