How Do Silver and white filling in Lahore Look?

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My dental school recommends silver white filling in Lahore for back teeth because they stay longer than white fillings. Many people, however, are wary of obtaining silver fillings since they are visible.

This post is for individuals who have ever wondered what the difference is between white and silver white filling in Lahore in their teeth.

white filling in Lahore
white filling in Lahore

When a Silver Dental Filling is Placed

The image below displays four silver fillings. On the left, two are on two teeth. On the right are two decaying silver fillings: one on the top of the tooth and one in the pit on the side.

As you can see, the silver fillings stand out. In regular life, no one will see your rear teeth. Because silver fillings are stronger and more resistant to developing cavities than the white fillings that have replaced them, placing them in your rear teeth is typically a good idea.

Observe also how the person’s lower front teeth have worn down over time. Click here for more information on the four ways we wear down our teeth.

How to Improve the Appearance of a White Dental Filling

Your fillings will be coloured to match the colour of your natural teeth by your dentist. They may therefore seem anywhere from white to grey to yellowish in colour.

As can be seen in the photo below, he has numerous white fillings in his back teeth (this is a view of his upper teeth from below). A filling might be accentuated if the wrong shade of white is selected. As a result of the poor colour matching, several of the fillings are readily visible.

A less visible white filling indicates that the substance used to create it is more closely matched to the tooth’s natural colour. When the tooth is examined closely, a large white filling can be seen in the centre of the tooth.

How to Improve a White Dental Filling’s Look

Your dentist will match the colour of your fillings to your natural teeth. So their colour might range from white to grey to yellowish.

He has many white fillings in his rear teeth, as shown in the photo below (this is a view of his upper teeth from below). Choosing the wrong shade of white can accentuate a filling. Some of the fillings are clearly apparent due to poor colour matching.

When the arrow points to a less apparent white filling, the substance used is more closely matched to the tooth’s natural colour. Close inspection reveals a big white filling in the tooth’s center dental.


As shown in the illustration, white filling in Lahore blend in better than silver fillings. Their discoloration may make them appear larger.

In my dental school, white front fillings and silver back fillings are routinely advised as treatment options. Silver fillings are strong and can withstand a lot of force when chewing, while white fillings are more cosmetically beautiful.

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