Why And How Should You Repair Or Replace Your Bumper?

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Cracked, dented, punctured, and scratched. These are all ugly things that can happen to your car bumper. More accurately called a bumper cover, these decorative plastic components hide the metal structural bumper components. Bumper covers are easily damaged, and the best way to fix yours depends on your situation, your abilities, and the kind of bumper damage you have got.

All you should know about bumper repair and replacement

A bumper is particularly important in a car because it protects the front and back ends from physical damage. The hood, trunk, grill, gasoline, exhaust, and cooling systems are protected by a shield constructed of steel, aluminium, rubber, or plastic. In the event of a collision, the bumper absorbs the impact rather than the vehicle’s actual body, protecting all critical systems as well as the passengers’ lives. They serve as shock absorbers, preventing impact waves from spreading throughout the vehicle. The bumpers will eventually wear out, and you will need to replace them. There are good smash repairs in Moorabbin like GlossWorks who will do this job gladly for you, charging a very reasonable rate and providing the earliest delivery. The following are the few indicators that you should get your bumper bar repaired or replaced:

  • Cracked bumper — If your bumper bears a few cracks, you’ll need to repair it. Epoxy and a fibreglass repair kit are best to fix a bumper in some unusual instances. A damaged bumper provides little to no protection during a collision, endangering the engine’s and occupants’ safety, and that is why it’s critical to mend them.
  • Paint Damage – If your bumper has a lot of dents or chipped paint, it’s best to replace it rather than sand it down to make it level. Similarly, if the scratches are deep, fill them with a mixture to make them even. Again, finding a matching shade to paint the bumper is a tedious task, and replacing it would be a better alternative.
  • Broken hooks — Hooks that are damaged or broken (on a bumper) help it stick to the valance panel, grill, and splash guard. The bumper may fall at any time if these hooks are damaged. However, because they are not replaceable, it is preferable to replace the bumper.

How can you repair the bumper?

You already read about replacing the bumper and the urgent need for it; however, repairing it is most recommended in some instances.

  • Opt for scratch repairs — Scratches do occur, but superficial scratches do not go all the way through the paint, and you can remove them with polishing. It applies to any small mark on your vehicle, not just bumper covers. Scratches may be rubbed out at any auto body shop or detailing centre, and this step usually works effectively. Costs vary a lot from one store to the next. You can also use an electric automobile polisher and the best vehicle polishing product to buff yourself.
  • Replace the bumper cover — If your bumper has a crack or puncture that is more than a few inches long, you should replace it altogether. You only need to unlock hidden bolts and clips surrounding the fenders and neighbouring parts, and this damaged bumper sheet will leave the area. After removing the old cover, you can swap it with a new pre-painted layer.
  • Patch the affected area — Although bumper covers are semi-flexible plastic, dents and dings can be easy to fill, sanded, painted, and polished just like any other steel auto body element!  Patching is less expensive than replacing the bumper cover entirely, and it’s also a do-it-yourself project. Just keep two things in mind. First and foremost, the underlying metal bumper structure should be undamaged. The second point is to stabilise the bumper covers before they are fixed, sanded, and repainted. When pushed, bumper coverings are flexible enough to bend inwards; however, if such movement occurs after patching, it will result in some cracks and damages.

The importance of bumper covers cannot be challenged! However, you need to ensure that you are not causing more damage to this component when repairing them; either go to a professional repairer or simply replace it!

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