Why is it necessary to clean your curtains in order to keep your home clean?

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Curtains are an essential accessory for your living space. They serve purposes such as keeping out unwanted light and heat, providing you with privacy, as well improves the aesthetic view of your space. So by all means, enjoy your curtains, but they too like all other things need a bit of day-to-day maintenance and curtain tiebacks to hold them.

The first thing that comes to mind is dust! In our metropolitan lives, a lot of dust settles on our furniture and we find ourselves dusting almost every day. But we tend to ignore things that probably take up most of the dust coming into our homes: our curtains. Dust your curtains regularly. How? You could remove them every now and then and give them a good shake outside your home. Be sure to wear a mask though to protect yourself. If this is not possible or is too much trouble, use your vacuum cleaner.

Important Instructions for Cleaning Curtains

There could always be accidents, especially if you have a child (or children) around in the house. Stains are inevitable and you will just have to get your curtain cleaning. Make sure you read the instructions on the label of your curtains before attempting any type of cleaning or washing. Some curtains and curtain tiebacks cannot be washed and can only be dry-cleaned. So get them dry-cleaned to prevent your curtains and curtain tiebacks from getting spoiled.

If they can be washed, do so with some warm water and soap. But again, make sure you check the label instructions to find out what temperature is appropriate for this. Soaking them for a while, along with some fabric conditioner will make all the difference. It will add freshness to your living space.

Getting Rid of Tougher Stains

If it just spots you want to get rid of, you could use a piece of cloth with some liquid dish-washing soap. You could also try wiping with curtain wet wipes. They dry up really fast and are really useful for emergency situations (such as at parties). Also, most stains are best removed immediately, so try not to let them stay overnight as it becomes harder to get rid of them.

If you prefer to hang your curtains over heaters to hide them, be sure to spray them with a flame retardant or use fire-resistant materials to reduce the fire hazards in your home. It is better to use curtain tiebacks because they help keep curtains away from heaters and prevent them from catching fire easily.

Your Curtains’ Aesthetic Appeal

If you want to enhance the aesthetic view of your curtains, buy curtain tiebacks. They do the job very well. For example, a plain single-colored curtain can immediately be transformed with a contrasting, bold, and gorgeous curtain tieback. Maintaining them is not all that hard. Just be sure to choose tiebacks that can take the weight of your curtains, otherwise, they will be heavy on the tiebacks and will not hang properly. Consequently, this will spoil the looks of the curtains.

Avoid using metal curtain tiebacks in humid locations. Metal tiebacks can rust and damage your curtains.

What is the best way to keep the curtain in place?

Homeowners often neglect their curtain cleaning in their cleaning routine. After all, we don’t walk on our curtains, or touch them all that regularly like we do upholstery and carpets, so how could they get dirty? Unfortunately, much like any other piece of upholstery or carpet, curtains become dirty very gradually, so gradually in fact that it happens without us noticing. Often we only notice they’ve even been dirty once we’ve had a professional curtain cleaning company in to clean them.

The simple fact is that our curtains do get dirty. Although we might not touch them as much as we do carpets or upholstery, they are in constant contact with the air that circulates around our home, and with that air comes dust.

Curtain Cleaning

Over time, the curtains act as an air filter, catching all that dust. The dust particles become more and more densely compacted and over time this makes curtains lose their bright colors and become dull looking. Not only this, but it also allows for that telltale stale odor to linger in the curtains, so that no matter how clean the rest of the home, it never quite smells as fresh as it could. Aside from the aesthetical aspect and the odor, it’s also important to remember that dust particles trapped in curtains are allergens affecting the health of all of the people in the home, particularly any asthmatics.

Curtain cleaning companies can be brought in to brighten curtains and remove the allergens which are responsible for the stale odors and dull curtains. The best news is that they can actually clean curtains in the home, without having to take them down, minimizing disruption for you.

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