How to Fix it when Yahoo Mail is not receiving emails?

yahoo mail not receiving emails

Yahoo is a very good email service that has helped lots of people. Although the email service is usually trouble-free but still there are some issues that you may face when you are using Yahoo email. One of the most common issues that many people face is not receiving emails on Yahoo and this is why we are here to help you. 

If your Yahoo not receiving emails then, you do not need to worry as our guide will tell you how you can fix this issue without any difficulty. So, read the guide and try all the methods that will help you to fix this issue.

Causes for not receiving Yahoo emails

Before we move on to the solutions that will help you in fixing this issue, you should know about the possible causes of this problem so that you can prevent the issue in future. 

  1. Some account issues with your Yahoo email account
  2. System interruptions preventing the functioning of your mail account
  3. Errors with the server of the email service

These are some of the reasons that are behind this issue so, make sure that you check these before proceeding to the solutions.

Solutions to Fix when Yahoo Mail is not receiving emails

All of these solutions will help you in fixing the yahoo mail not receiving emails 2022 issue. So, be assured and try any one of them to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Check your Spam folder

One of the most common mistakes the users of Yahoo make is that they forget to check the Yahoo spam folder. The automatic bulk-mail filter of Yahoo usually does a good job but still, there are some instances where your important emails may go to the spam folder and this is why you should check the Spam folder before mobbing onto any other solution.

Solution 2: Check your filters

Along with the spam filter, there are some other filters in the application too that classify your emails before locating them in the Inbox. You should see your filters and make sure that none of them is incorrect and identify the correct emails and then place them in the correct folder.

Solution 3: Look at the blocked emails

Another thing that you may have missed is that the email sender may be on your blocked list and this is why you are not receiving emails yahoo. For this, you need to check your blocked emails list and see if the sender who is sending you the emails is not in your blocked email addresses list. You will find this in the security section of the settings of the email account.

Solution 4: Check the Yahoo server

Another reason why you are not receiving the emails can be because of the Yahoo server. If the server is down then, you will not be able to receive the emails so check the status of the server and then work accordingly.

You can also look for other methods on the informative website Ityug247 which is a very good website for these issues. 

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