A Comprehensive Guide To Becoming A Commercial Photographer

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Are you planning to get into photography? Have you considered the type of photography you want to pursue? Many categories are in demand in today’s world. Headshot, wildlife, wedding, and commercial photography are some (not to forget portraits and products!). Every kind is unique. The need for commercial photos is growing each day, leading to a rise in this field. What is a commercial photo? It is a picture that adds face value to the brand. Have you seen a picture of a jam bottle on the banner? It looks appealing and compels the viewer to purchase it. It is the underlying purpose of a commercial image.

Things to know about commercial photography

As a commercial photographer, you will need to click photos of individuals, products, or services. In short, anything that is used to sell the brand. For example, promoting a fashion brand will involve clicking pictures of individuals wearing the outfit. The shot is supposed to be taken in such a way that more emphasis is given to the brand rather than the background and other things beside it. The main intention behind this genre of photography is to add life to a shot. Let’s know more!

What are the various types?

Do you remember places where you have seen commercial photos? Almost everywhere, right! As this genre is a tool to promote goods, services, and products, it includes a variety of categories. Advertising, product images, and sale photos are some categories of commercial photography. However, it is not just limited to this. Have you seen images of products on websites? That is commercial photography too. In fact, it is also used by influencers on social media to impact a larger audience.

Do you need licenses?

Licensure is a big part of this field. There are many kinds of licenses available which you need to be aware of. The most common among all is copyright. You must have seen labels or taglines below many pictures stating a copyright statement. It entails that the image is the photographer’s property, and you need to seek their permission to use it. The number of times and duration for which these pictures can be used is also a part of the licensing process. Having it documented ensures ethical business practice. 

What equipment should you possess?

How will you click photos? You will obviously require a camera for that. But A professional one with good quality and exclusive features can make your work easy. Use the lenses as per your need to help you shoot in dark lights, too (if needed). Make sure that any camera you purchase is lightweight so as not to burden you.

  • How to begin? – This field does not require high degrees, and thus, there is a confusion that you might face when trying to enter this industry. The first step towards it can be taken by building your experience to create a portfolio. Your good clicks will gain you more clients. But this does not imply clicking anything and everything! Working or interning under an experienced photographer will help you gain exposure too. Damien Ford Photography offers commercial photography in Sydney. They have experience of 19 years in providing quality images by satisfying numerous clients. Assisting an art director from such a recognized firm will enhance your skills. By this, you can have many samples for yourself that will be enough to get you a job or establish your start-up.
  • How much can you earn? Now that you know the worth of a commercial photo, you might be thinking about what returns it can give? The simple answer is by starting with a price that you are comfortable with. There is no shame in asking for a price that you want. Know your worth before taking up any project. You can increase your fee with time and experience. But be on the know-how about market rates, pricing of your competitors, and then take a call. You can always ask for a good package in commercial photography, as you know how the need for this genre is growing.

Commercial photography is a viable career. It is purely an experience-based field that requires skills and techniques to create a perfect shot. Adding life to the image is the primary job of a commercial photographer. Once you begin, you will be amazed to have a joyous ride in the world of photos.

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