Before you jump to create your special packaging concept and design your own box, you might have some basic questions. customized eyelash boxes Read on to get a clearer understanding of various types of boxes and their benefits, various materials and printing options, and some things to remember when using online design tools.

Type of box

When it comes to the type and style of the box, there may be more choices than you imagine. At Boxgenie, we still hold on to the basis and maintain the style of the box to match the expectations and the biggest requirements of your customers and customers. You can choose between the four types of these whole types based on the type of product you are working on, then select the size and adjustment from there.

The quality of each type of box has been tested and proven by our team in our facilities for decades, and we are proud to show you what we are able to print and send directly to you.

This is our basic tone for each type and what you should expect based on your needs.

Sender Box

Send your customers total packages with smart and sturdy mailer boxes that show off your brand style. Work well in a letter as an e-commerce package or subscription box and a gift box or on a rack for retail.

Mailers are increasingly popular among small businesses and are very prominent based on the design decisions that you make. When you choose Magic White as material, HD printing quality is quite right to look like a photo, which is perfect for high -class branding such as fashion or luxury items. If you remain with a kraft for your material, it is a natural brown matte that works well with dark colors and gives your boxes of more rural vibrations. You can read more about the printing material and options below.

Delivery box

Say goodbye to the standard idea of ​​plain and thick box. This durable but fun twist on this classic sender will help you amaze your customers with the colors and details that make your business stand out.

One Section Folder Box

This slender and easy to assemble box is the best for fulfilling small and easy orders or flat delivery of goods such as books or artwork. As the name suggests, everything is printed on a solid material that is ready to be folded and formed in an instant.


This smart view on this ancient tube allows you to send paper, blueprints, or your artwork with styles and structures that they deserve. We like this as an alternative that can be relied upon for packing tubes. custom e cigarette The heavy task structure also provides greater stability and protection, and unlike tubes, it will never roll.

Box material

All of our ingredients are made of corrugated cardboard. This means it is a typical type of cardboard that you see for most sturdy boxes. Overall, this consists of three different layers of paper -based material, with the outer layer as a smooth surface and the middle layer between is a curved and bumpy pattern that unites everything. Boxgenie did everything at home, including producing these ingredients.


This natural chocolate corrugated cardboard is what most of us thinks first when we imagine a box. This material provides an environmental awareness that accommodates dark colors well and provides simple and simple aesthetics for any package.

Essential white

Our essential white material is a classic that is cost -effective for the creation of special branded boxes. This standard white board with low sparkle offers a reliable canvas to display any color, logo, text, or design element.

Magic White with HDPRINT

For a box that is made clearly to impress, select Magic White for your material and let our HD printer do the rest. This premium board feels smooth when touched, looks very shiny and provides quality prints photo that you never thought of in cardboard.

Printing one or two sides

As a barrier to entering lower to start a new e-commerce business and find new customers online, the bet is to make the impression

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