6 Common Myths about Dental Braces Debunked

A pretty smile is something we all want to have… 

When it comes to having a perfect smile, our teeth play an important role. Most babies start teething in their initial months. These teeth can be perfectly aligned in most cases however, sometimes require corrective treatments. 

Poorly aligned teeth are a common problem and can affect how your smile appears and consequently affect your smile as well. For this most people go for the corrective procedures. Teeth aligners or dental braces offer reasonable solutions to this problem. 

Though dental braces are quite an old trend but have recently gained popularity with the advent of technology and especially with the invention of invisible braces. My sister suffered from the same issue and for the treatment, we took her to the best orthodontist in Lahore who guided us through the procedure.

Common Myths About Dental Braces

However, when she was about to go for the procedure we came across many different stories and individual experiences about these dental braces. However, after going into detail, I came to realize that most of the claims about these dental braces were myths. 

If you are also looking to make an informed decision about getting these braces or not, then don’t worry you are at the right place. After reading about all these myths and facts regarding dental braces, I am sure you will be able to understand it way better. So, let’s start:

1- Braces Straighten Teeth Permanently

Yes, this is what most people believe if they wear braces for some time this will straighten their teeth permanently. However, this is not completely true. The reason is pretty clear. Once your orthodontist removes the braces, they will give you a retainer to wear on your teeth to keep the newly aligned teeth in shape. But if you won’t wear it, then this might increase your chances of getting your misaligned teeth back.

2- Dental Braces are Not for Adults

Though it is commonly seen that most of the people who get dental braves are usually the children or the teenagers. But this doesn’t mean that these dental braces are not for adults. I used to believe this as well but when I accompanied my sister for her visit to Dentex where she got the treatment, to my surprise I witnessed the patients of older ages as well. 

There is no harm in getting your teeth aligned no matter what age you are. Your orthodontist, however, upon the thorough examination can help you make an informed decision. So, don’t hesitate and must consult a physician. 

3- Dental Braces are Very Painful

Myth.. this is absolutely a myth and one of the common reasons why people are afraid of getting these dental braces. Gone are the times when such procedures used to be extremely painful, all thanks to the advancements in medical science that are adding to our comfort. 

Though after getting the dental braces, one may experience slight discomfort in the beginning especially while brushing or eating. But over time you become habitual and get along with the braces. Still, even during this adjustment period, dental braces are not painful.

4- You Have to Wear Dental Braces for Braces

Dental braces no matter what benefits they bring along, patients are also conscious about the duration for which they have to wear these braces. Many people say that they have to wear these braces for years but this is not true. The duration for which people need to wear braces to achieve their desired results vary from person to person and that depends upon the extent of correction required and other complexities.

5- Dental Braces will Set Off Security Checkpoints

We often see metal detectors being installed at security checkpoints. Due to this reason, many people believe that dental braces are not suitable for you because these braces can set off security checkpoints. This is not correct. These dental braces are very small in size and are made from lightweight metals that are not very problematic at checkpoints. So, there is no chance of triggering an alarm at the security points. 

6- Braces won’t Let me Eat my Favorite Foods

Yes, many people believe that if they will be having dental braces they won’t be able to enjoy their favourite foods but this is not the case. In the beginning, one needs to be conscious about the food choices they make but sooner or later they get adjusted to the braces.

Bottom Line!

Dental braces are a common practice and many people get them for a variety of reasons. Despite how common this practice is, there are a lot of misconceptions about this that can make it difficult for one to make an informed decision about getting these or not. However, the only right approach is to talk to an orthodontist to decide what suits you best and get your dream smile come true.

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