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After a long day at work, nothing feels better than sitting down in your living room with the family and reciting from the free online Quran classes, one of the most revered texts of Islam. Online Quran classes make this possible by providing you with an easy way to find qualified teachers from around the world who can help you learn the holy book and apply it to your everyday life, whether you are a student or professional, an adult or child. Best of all, free online Quran classes can be accessed at any time from anywhere with Internet access and don’t require any equipment other than your phone or computer.

What is good recitation?

In order for you to achieve good recitation, it is important that you follow all rules of Tajweed. The best way for you to practice your recitation and for others to evaluate your recitation is by watching and listening over video or audio. By being able to see/read along with you is a great way for others as well as yourself, ensuring that you are following all rules correctly.

Is there a standard?

When it comes to educating yourself in Islam, there’s no one true way that you must follow. Although many of us may benefit from teacher-student relationships, there are a plethora of free online Quran classes available on the Internet. These sources make it easy for you to learn about topics like Arabic grammar and word roots in a friendly environment that is best suited for your schedule.

What is tajweed?

There are four main components of tajweed: correct pronunciation (tajwid), proper enunciation (tarteel), formal delivery (tarkeeb) and meaning of words. Understanding these components can help you master your tajweed skills, whether you’re learning on your own or with a free online quran tutor. While traditional classrooms may have offered less-adaptable methods for learning tajweed, today’s free online quran classes take advantage of modern technology.

How do I learn tajweed?

Anyone can learn how to read Islamic scripture fluently and correctly with practice, persistence, and discipline. If you’re an adult looking for a little extra help or you’re a parent teaching your children to read Quranic Arabic, online lessons are an excellent way of getting that extra guidance and feedback. There are hundreds of free online tajweed classes on YouTube, from reputable teachers such as Mohamad Elmasry and Yasir Qadhi.

Who can help me master the rules of tajweed?

For those who already know how to read Arabic, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best free online tajweed classes that are available online. If you have an Internet connection and some time, these courses will help you sharpen your skills and master tajweed quickly. But beware—you’ll need to be patient and consistent in order for it to work!

What resources can I use to learn Tajweed?

The most popular resources to learn Tajweed are found on YouTube. If you can’t find a teacher in your area, try these: Grandshaykh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais & Sheikh Mohammed Foudah and Sheikh Jamal Qabbani. If you want more options, search YouTube for Tajweed rules + your name. For example, if your name is Jane Smith, search Tajweed rules + Jane Smith on YouTube.

If you’re planning on getting free online Quran classes for kids, then it’s best to learn more about your learning style and find a resource that works with your preferred way of learning. Are you a visual learner or an auditory learner? Does reading give you trouble but videos are easy? All these things matter when it comes to picking a free online Quran class resource.

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