How to choose the best watch to get success according to Numerology?

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Numerology is a significant part of Astrology. You must choose the perfect wristwatch to achieve success. It is believed that you must follow some rules while choosing the best wristwatch for your progress and change your luck. If you do not choose the proper wristwatch, you may face severe difficulties and hurdles.


Watch is symbolic of discipline and is significantly important in life. If we follow the right time, it helps us get a disciplined life. In the ancient days, people would look at the Sun and use the position of the Sun at different parts of the day to find out the time. However, we use a clock or a wristwatch to determine the time in this modern mechanical age. Therefore, it has become a very significant part of our life. Most people wear wristwatches in their hands and want to be progressive in life, just like the time that does not stop for anyone. Here we will discuss how to choose the perfect wristwatch according to astrology

The dial of the wristwatch

Astrologers suggest you must not choose a large dial for your wristwatch. A wristwatch with a big dial is symbolic of troubles in life and your career. A watch that has a very small dial is not also ideal. You can see the time on such watches properly. So, you must not wear such a wristwatch. The ideal size of the dial of your wristwatch should be of normal size. You can consider a round or square dial wristwatch for you.

Ideal hand for wearing a wristwatch

There are no astrological suggestions or strict rules for choosing the perfect hand to wear a wristwatch. You can wear the wristwatch on any hand that is preferable for you. However, ensure that the watch looks great while wearing it on your hand. 

The ideal strap for a wristwatch

You must always choose to wear a watch that fits your hand. Moreover, you must also not choose any loose strap wristwatch as you will find it uncomfortable to wear. Even a loose strap of the watch can affect your attention and focus on the most important events of your life. According to Numerologists, such a clock can also create hurdles to your success. While wearing a wristwatch, you must also ensure that the strap should be near the wrist bone.

The ideal colour for a wristwatch

You must always choose golden and silver-coloured watches. These watches bring more fruitful results in your career than other coloured watches. For example, if you are going for a job interview or exam, you can consider wearing this golden or silver watch to achieve success. You must also choose a round or square dial for your wristwatch. 

Never keep your wristwatch under the pillow

It is the most common thing for people to take off their wristwatches at night and keep them in any part of the room. Some people also keep their wristwatches on the bed or under the pillow. But astrologers suggest never keeping your wristwatch under the pillow. Doing this can affect your brain and produce negative energy. It can also disrupt your sleep.

An ideal watch for you according to your life path number

Number 1: If your life path number is one, Sun is your ruling planet. You should start wearing your new watch on Sundays. 

Number 2: People who have life path number two are influenced by the Moon. You can wear your new watch on Mondays. 

Number 3: Jupiter rules over you if your life path number is three. You must choose a golden coloured watch and start wearing new watches from Thursdays. 

Number 4: If your life path number is four, Rahu influences you the most. You can choose a metallic grey colour watch and start wearing your new watch on Saturdays. 

Number 5: Mercury influences you the most if your life path number is five. Silver-golden coloured watch is the best for you, and you can start wearing your new watch on Wednesdays.

Number 6: If your life path number is six, astrologers suggest that Venus influences you the most. You can choose a rose-gold coloured watch for everyday use. You can start wearing your new watch on Fridays as it is the ideal day for you.

Number 7: If your life path number is seven, then Ketu influences you the most. Golden and silver are the perfect colour for you, and you can start wearing your watch on Thursdays.

Number 8: Saturn is ruling your zodiac, and black is the ideal coloured watch for you. Tuesday is the ideal day for you to start wearing your new watch.

Number 9: Mars is ruling you, and copper or rose gold are the best colours for you. You can start wearing your new watch on Tuesdays. 


So, you must be wise enough to choose the right watch for you to get more prosperity in your life. You can also take suggestions from an astrologer or ask astrologer or numerologist to learn more about it. 

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