List of Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad 2022

Capital Improvement Authority delivers the arrangements of lawful and unlawful lodging social orders working in Islamabad on a month-to-month and yearly premise. These rundowns are produced in light of a legitimate concern for the overall population and different partners to illuminate them about unlawful lodging projects. Lodging social orders that a poor person acquired the No Complaint Declaration (NOC) from CDA are pronounced unlawful. As per CDA, various unlawful lodging social orders are working in various zones and areas of Islamabad. Besides, CDA likewise explained that the endorsement of any lodging society is a 2-level interaction as per CDA Statute 1960, ICT (Drafting Guidelines), and methods outlined thereunder for the improvement of private lodging plans. get an idea of our real estate projects

CDA’s 2-Level Endorsement Cycle

In the 2-level endorsement cycle of CDA, the initial step includes essential reports to be submitted to the power and after examination, Hack is given to society on the off chance that it satisfies the standards. From that point onward, NOC is given to resulting private lodging plans. It is vital to take note that any confidential lodging plan can begin the turn of events and offers of plots in the wake of acquiring NOC from CDA.

CDA has as of late delivered the refreshed rundown of unlawful lodging social orders working in various zones and areas of Islamabad. Islamabad is separated into 5 zones and various areas fall in premises in these zones made by CDA.

Following are the arrangements for unlawful lodging social orders in every one of the 3 zones of Islamabad:

Unlawful Lodging Social orders in Zone 1 Islamabad

Zone 1 of Islamabad is a complete area of 54,958.25 sections of land or 222.4081 km2. Zone 1 comprises the current arrangement of Stupendous Trunk (G.T) Street from the beginning convergence at Kashmir Parkway and reaches out to the mark of Nicolson Landmarks. also, learn about About us

The following Sectors are included in Zone-1 of Islamabad:

  • Sectors I-8 to I-16
  • Sectors H-8 to H-12
  • Sectors G-8 to G-14
  • Sectors F-6 to F-11
  • Sectors E-7 to E-10
  • Sectors D-11 and D-12

Following are the illegal housing societies in Zone 1 of Islamabad:

  • Abdullah Town, H-17
  • Ammar Town, H-17
  • China Town, H-17
  • Gulshan-e-Taleem, H-15
  • Jehangir Sayedain Homes, H-15
  • Peral Orchard, H-17
  • Qamar Garden, H-15
  • Sher Zaman Garden, H-17
  • Shifa International Housing Society, H-17
  • Talha Farms, H-17
  • Tayyab Garden H-15
  • Zammar Valley, H-17
  • Ahmad Town, D-14
  • Awan Town, D-14
  • Capital Hills Residencia, D-14
  • Green Valley Phase-II, E-15
  • Green Valley, D-14
  • Margalla View Valley, D-14
  • Paradise Valley, D-14
  • Shehzad Town, E-15

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone 2 Islamabad

Zone 2 is a fairly more modest zone of Islamabad that spreads over 9,804.92 sections of land or 39.6791 km2. Zone 2 falsehoods contiguous zone 1 and associates with Rawalpindi toward one side. Zone 2 comprises various regions limited by Excellent Trunk (G.T) Street in the north and upper east, north of Kashmir Expressway and Islamabad’s cutoff points

The following are sectors included in zone 2 of Islamabad:

  • Sector G-15 (Part)
  • Sector G-16
  • Sector F-15 (Part)
  • Sector F-16
  • Sector E-15 (Part)
  • Sector E-16
  • Sector E-17
  • Sector D-16
  • Sector D-17
  • Sector C-17
  • Sector B-17

Following are the illegal housing societies in Zone 2 of Islamabad:

  • Green City , Sector D-17, E-17
  • Gulshan-Rehman Sector C-17,D-17
  • Islamabad Co-operative Farming Scheme, Sector D-17
  • Jamal Akber Colony, Tarnol phatak
  • Pakistan Overseas Housing Scheme, Sector F-16
  • Pakistan Town Phase-II G-16, F-16
  • Taj Seventeen West, Luxury Apartments & Shops

Illegal Housing Societies in Zone 3 Islamabad

Zone 3 spreads over practically 50,393.01 sections of land or 203.9333 km2 and lies adjoining zone 1 and zone 4. This zone likewise associates zone 4 and 5 with zone 1 and zone 2. Area-wise division of Zone 3 isn’t finished by CDA in light of the fact that this zone comprises safeguarded ranges and backwoods regions. Zone 3 likewise comprises unacquainted land between Margalla Slopes and North of Murree Street.  you may also like to learn about real estate company Islamabad

The following areas are included in Zone 3 of Islamabad:

  • Shah Allah Ditta
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Faisal Masjid
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Saidpur
  • Goa
  • Pir Sohawa Road
  • Rawal Town
  • Banni Gala
  • Malpur
  • Bhara Kahu
  • Shahdara
  • Rawal Lake

Following are the illegal housing societies in Zone 2 of Islamabad:

  • Al Rayan Society
  • Ali Town
  • Arcadia City
  • Aryan Enclave, Korang road, Banni Galla
  • Green Hills
  • Green Meadows (North Ridge) Housing Scheme
  • Major Makhdom Society

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