The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are considered one of the most convenient solutions when it comes to customize Packaging. The corrugated boxes are suitable for many industries such as cosmetics, bakery, cookie boxes, and much more. Many people confuse cardboard packaging the same as corrugated packaging but these two are not the same thing. Cardboard is considered to be a heavy-duty paper stock that cannot be used for shipping strong containers that are aggravated. To separate the cardboard boxes from corrugated boxes can be done via an example of a cereal box which is made up of cardboard. To provide you comprehensive information on the corrugated custom boxes, this article covers lots of critical points.

What is Corrugated Custom Box?

The kind of box is made up of timber and is constructed by using two sheets of paper that are known as liners. These liners are used to secure the corrugated fluting that is present inside the structure which is designed in a way to provide the required lightweight robustness to the box.

Types Of Corrugated Boxes Available

There are many flute sizes and forms that vary from each other when it comes to endless forms of your desired custom packaging for wholesale purposes and also for the corrugated boxes with a customized design and outlook. Each of the corrugated boxes offering a unique sense of durability, effectiveness, robustness, resistance, etc. catering to various kinds of industry needs. The most commonly used corrugated boxes include: Get the idea from custom cupcake boxes.

  • Single Wall Corrugated Custom Box
  • Double Wall Corrugated Custom Box
  • Single Face Corrugated Custom Box
  • Triple Wall Corrugated Custom Box

Importance Of Corrugated Boxes In Custom Packaging

The corrugated custom design boxes come with a wide variety of benefits for businesses and shipping companies when it comes to delivering the products safe and sound at the customer’s doorstep. These packaging boxes are considered to be the consumer’s go-to packaging solution when it comes to wholesale custom packaging. The benefits include the following aspect:

Durability Of The Box

The different layers of liners within corrugated boxes such as a single layer or double layer allow the product that is packed inside to stay rigid and maintain a solid structure that provides its ultimate sense of protection. Also, the box is designed in a way that protects against extreme weather conditions while on transit.

Versatility Of The Box

The corrugated custom packaging boxes come in a wide variety of versatile range and styles having a wide variety of benefits that makes it an ideal packaging solution for the manufacturers or distributors. These boxes truly cater to the need for plain or printed packaging and truly elevates the message of your brand uniquely.

Lightweight Box

The way these corrugated custom boxes are being made is what makes them an ideal packaging solution for companies. The fluting inside the box allows the product being packed inside to remain quite lightweight making it an ideal product custom packaging option to deliver products in large quantities and even feasible for transportation.

Various Styles Of Corrugated Boxes

The extensive variety of durable and resistant corrugated boxes included a variety of options some of which are mentioned below:

  • Regular Slotted Container
  • Bliss Style Container
  • Display Tray or High Wall Tray
  • Integral Divider Container
  • Half Slotted Container
  • One Piece Folder
  • Rock End Tray with Locking Cover
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Wrapping Up!

Corrugated custom packaging boxes are indeed one of the great packaging solutions for most companies when it comes to delivering their quality products not only because of their durability but also because of the variety of styles and options to choose from.

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