The wedding day is one of a few extraordinary days in life that occurs only once with the same partner. Memories must be appreciated and a good way to keep the fire of burning love, reminding each other about the first steps of the journey called marriage.

Wedding Photo Check List – What photos do you need?

Below is a list of photos that must be possessed for the wedding day. Get a correct ready photo -really you need on your wedding day. Make sure you order your photographer to catch you and your girls get ready in the morning so you get this extraordinary shot for your album.

  • Get a photo ready
  • The bride is preparing
  • Dress Shot
  • Shoe and accessory photos
  • Close up wedding ring ribbon
  • Photo of a bouquet of flowers
  • Casual shots from the bride and groom are preparing
  • Tightening a female wedding dress
  • Full of the bride in her dress
  • First display shot
  • Father saw the bride in her dress for the first time
  • The groom is preparing to be with a male accompanist
  • Men’s accompaniment wearing boutonnieres or ties

The dress

Every girl gets a dream dress they are waiting for for their wedding day to surprise. Every now and then, I will admire my dream dress. The photo of the dress will always revitalize the memories of that day I wore my dream dress to fulfill love in my life.


Photographs of the bride and groom are preparing, adding finishing details, wearing her shoes, this is a beautiful moment and makes some amazing photos.

The bride and groom are preparing

I always want to appreciate the moment with my girlfriend. They fix the robe and sip a good champagne on the most beautiful day in my life.

If you get ready with your girls, then it’s also about the fun of lace and a pleasant shot from you and your girls together in it. Beautiful shots like gay weddings los angeles from the bride and groom you help button your dress is a must for any bride who is preparing.


Girls like shoes, so make sure you get some beautiful photos from your beautiful heels on your wedding day.

  • Findones Manor’s wedding
  • Findones Manor’s wedding
  • Men’s accompaniment is preparing

Men’s accompaniment photo improves bonds and laughs crazy about how they expect him to dance needed on the album. Memories will always be appreciated.


Two symbols of our love when sparkling new always remind the new beginning of our marriage life. Golden gold reminds our valuable love.

First display

The first appearance, tension, beautiful eyes, and memories that I will appreciate forever. The appearance that determines this is the right day that we have chosen to be together forever.

Ceremony photo

  • Photo of the ceremony
  • The groom waits in front
  • Guest arrived
  • Male and introductory man
  • The bride and groom are walking along the aisle
  • The bride is waiting for a walk down the hall
  • The expression of the groom when the bride is walking along the aisle
  • The bride and groom walk along the hall
  • Couple together in front
  • Parents who watch ceremonies
  • Ring exchange photo
  • Kiss!

The bride and the man walk along the hallway

This lifetime path feels great. Everything looks like a dream. All my parents gave me a silent honor to meet half of me a better, it was thrilling. Photos of my smiling face and the groom waiting, we will appreciate.

On Alter, with Imam

The priest allows today. He is really happy for us. The photo of him smiling with us about the beauty of love is authentic. Want to remember him to facilitate swear.

Walk along the married hallway

Walking with my parents’ hands feels great. The feeling of being my father’s little girl was thrilling. Memories for wealth, he allowed me to marry a man of my dreams, I will always be safe. The mixture of love and sadness to leave my parents’ house is an unexpected memory that a photographer like engagement photography price must capture.

Honest moment

The peak of the wedding day, he expressed our love in front of our people is a moment to be appreciated. Courage beyond words and guarantees of love. Photos to always remind me of the appearance that I swear, his official appearance and my emotional face.

Portrait of love

Slow away from the congregation and take a beautiful portrait to be stored in our living room. Photographers must catch every right step. Smiley pecks efforts.

Lifting me like a little girl in her life feels very good. We were unable to miss our memories showing off our clothes, shoes and flowers. Our brief talks about that day, our hope is fulfilled, relaxation after the important features today are carried out and the excitement of the party afterwards.

Wedding places and ceremonial details

The photo of the landscape where we express our love with each other is memories to be appreciated. Flower arrangement pictures, ceremonial booklets, and aisle markers are making remembering the choice of our dream places. A very good reason to choose a scene is to always remember why we have to choose the best for each other.


  • Photo of the reception
  • Still Life Shots of Table Details
  • Photo of Receipt Room
  • Card for the bride and groom
  • Wedding cake
  • Guest arrived
  • Guests sign the guest book
  • Bridal entrance
  • Close-up of friends and family makes a toast
  • Cut the cake
  • First dance
  • Dance
  • Bridal kiss

First dance

Catch when you go up to the dance floor as a married couple, dancing with your favorite song, has a special moment with you both holding each other before all your family and friends go up to the floor to join you.

Wedding party

The bride and groom’s photo and our bride and groom dance with their best movements will always remind us of the pleasure and love we receive from our friends. They have fun on our wedding day are very fantastic and need to be captured. The amazing experience of romance and love with people who are close to us will be valued forever. Our favorite grapes, typical appetizers, and cocktail details to always remind us and our guests are the best delicious food and warmth from our wedding day.


When the sun falls, it is the right time to go and take a beautiful sunset shot. Depending on your weather and location, but if your photographer recommends biting outside for sunset sun shots, come out!


My adorable photo of my adorable flower girl that I also appreciate. Squat to him and have a smile that smiles with him reminds me of my beautiful dreams one day walking in the hallway. The photo of him with his pageboy brings beautiful memories from our love developing from strangers to great lovers.

Family photo

A photo with both families, a big combination in celebrating love and respecting the milestone of love is a memory that must be respected. Being in a company who cares and wants the best for our love is extraordinary. This moment must be captured separately with some photos with our parents, our siblings and far relatives.

Photo of invited guests

All people who use themselves for our big days must be appreciated in our hearts such as memories. Their pictures in our colleagues, remote relatives, and forming school friends are also very important.

Cake photo

Cake photos to be appreciated as memories combining our love with the taste we always want. Cake cutting photos are needed, because we share our love with people who respect our invitation.

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