Best Places to Live in the World

1. Melbourne, Australia (tie)

Despite the fact that it slid in the positions from number 8 to number 10 this year, Melbourne stays quite possibly the most bearable city in Australia — and the whole world. (All the city caught the main spot for a considerable length of time prior to dropping quite a while back.) The city sparkles with Australia’s best qualities — refined, sharp, unique — and keeps on drawing in explorers with its top-notch workmanship and popular espresso and cooking.

2. Osaka, Japan (tie)

Japan’s third-biggest city (after Tokyo and Yokohama) is in many cases seen as an unlikely treasure with the travel industry pull of the country’s capital, however, there are a lot of reasons it’s turned into an objective by its own doing. First of all, Osaka is one of the most mind-blowing food urban communities in all of Japan — must-eat local specialties incorporate takoyaki (battered, seared octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (barbecued exquisite hotcakes with various augmentations). We likewise love the city for its baseball culture, neon-lit areas, and delightful Osaka Palace. Lahore smart city location

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

You know Amsterdam’s very renowned focal channel, properly named a UNESCO World Legacy Site in 2010. Include wraps of green space, celebrated red-block exteriors, and exhibition halls loaded up with Van Gogh artworks — also an extraordinary medical care framework — and you have yourself one of Europe’s best places to reside.

4. Toronto, Canada

Toronto has the allure of a major city without a significant number of the normal disadvantages — it’s perfect, protected, simple to get around, and incredibly well-disposed. The best part is that it benefits from Canada’s broadly extraordinary medical services and schooling systems. Downtown Toronto has energetic expressions and theater regions and extraordinary cafés, in addition to the waterfront, sees that will cause you to disregard elsewhere you’ve lived.

5. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt climbed a great 32 spots to land at number seven this year. The German city is perhaps Europe’s greatest monetary center point, so it draws in a decent amount of ex-pats searching for occupations. Yet, there are a lot of draws past business open doors, similar to the world’s biggest book fair, a cityscape highlighting both breathtaking high rises and a cobblestoned Old Town, and perhaps of the most active air terminal in Europe.

6. Geneva, Switzerland

Regardless of being perhaps the most costly city on the planet, Geneva demonstrates its decency with an ideal medical services score (it is the home of the Red Cross, all things considered) and large numbers for security and foundation. There’s no denying the city’s regular excellence, either — it brags sweeping perspectives of the Alps and Jura Mountains, and, obviously, is home to Lake Geneva. Nova City Islamabad Location

7 Seoul, Korea

Starting our list is Seoul, one of the biggest cities in Korea. Seoul has a vibrant culture and is known for its spicy food and equally spicy nightlife. In the looks department, Seoul is certainly no slouch. The mountains around the city seem to go on forever.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Another city nestled between the mountains and the ocean, Cape Town is one of the most liveable cities in Africa. It offers plenty of fantastic food and nightlife for tourists and residents alike. The natural beauty of Cape Town is difficult to beat. Whether you’re living by the rock cliffs of the mountains or watching a gorgeous sunset by the sea, Cape Town is sure to impress you.

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