Selin Sakarcan – 2 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Exercise Regularly 

Seniors should be very careful when it comes to regular exercise, or else they can get ankle and foot problems. This is normal for people of their age as they grow older. However, with certain safety tips, they can exercise daily and stay fit even in their later years. 

Selin Sakarcan – Exercises that work best for seniors 

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric physician in the USA and fond of sports. She is an athlete and an ankle and foot surgeon who participates in marathons regularly. According to her, there are safety tips for exercises; however, sometimes, because of their eagerness and enthusiasm, people tend to ignore these rules and end up injuring themselves. Again, some people are healthy, and they can recover sooner; however, it is prudent for seniors to be careful and follow safety procedures both before and after their exercise routine. 

Recovery time in seniors takes longer if injured

When young people are injured, the time taken for their recovery is much lesser than seniors. For them, their bones are not as strong as they were in the past, and it is for this reason they should practice the following tips- 

  1. Low impact exercises- Several low-impact exercises offer the same advantages as robust workouts. These exercises are recommended for seniors as they are easier for their bodies and apply less pressure on the joints, bones, and muscles. Since they have a low impact, they can be simply done by seniors and practiced daily. They are fun and engaging. 

Low impact exercises are never boring- they are, in fact, interesting, and they give you the same benefits as several intense workouts. Examples of low-impact exercises are cycling, swimming, hiking, walking, and even dancing in the ballroom. 

  1. Never exercise on your own- It is always prudent to have companions present when you are exercising as a senior. You never know what might go wrong, especially when it comes to your internal health. This area is often an area of safety that is often overlooked. Seniors should work out in groups. Not only do they get the benefits of safety, but they can interact and have interesting conversations with them as well. 

According to Selin Sakarcan, seniors should pay attention to nutrition and hydration like everyone else. They must carry water and medicines if needed to the place where they exercise.

 At the same time, they should remain mentally happy as well. They should not worry about age and exercise daily. Low impact exercises like walking can be practiced around the block or the park. This outdoor activity helps them to get fresh air and exercise as well. 

When it comes to daily exercise, seniors should always invest in the right footwear and clothing so they are comfortable. They must carry water with them and ensure their family members are aware of where they are going for exercise. These are just some simple daily tips they must remember before they go out for exercise.

You’re probably used to being told not to exercise if you’re a senior, but this is not the case. In fact, seniors are encouraged to get out there and stay active in order to live a longer, healthier life. This article gives tips on how to stay safe while staying active if you’re a senior!Select

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