Why So Many Students Like To Use UPDF

Many students in high school and university are required to submit their word documents in the form of portable document formats (PDFs). What’s more, they also need to be able to download and open PDF documents. 

This file format was originally introduced by the Adobe corporation in 1992 to present documents including images and text formatting in a way that is independent of software, operating systems, and hardware. Build with a programming language known as PostScript, every PDF file can encapsulate a complete description of a fixed-layout type of document including its text, vector graphics, fonts, and other types of information that are necessary to display.

PDF files contain content that extends well beyond flat graphics and text, including interactive elements like form fields, annotations, rich media, and other formats for data. The specification also allows for digital signatures and the encryption of data.

UPDF, short for “Unique, Productive, Delightful, Free” is a free online tool supporting the editing of images and text in a PDF for Windows, iOS, and Mac devices. With no limit on file size, no watermarks, no ads, and no required credit card, UPDF allows for the reading, annotation, editing, and organizing of PDF files.

With intuitive navigation and extensive tools for annotation, users can directly add text boxes, highlights, and other elements like shapes directly to PDF files. Users can click on images to begin editing then crop, resize, position, copy, crop, and replace the image in an interface that’s easy to use with aided guidelines. 

Annotations provide text markups including underline and strikethrough to review PDFs, with stickers and stamps. You can draw hand-drawn arrows, shapes, and lines with geometric shapes. Comments can be managed, viewed, edited, and sorted in a sidebar panel.

In the future, the tool plans to offer OCR, which provides users the capability to resize and move objects and images to drag to the desired location. You are then able to crop, extract, replace, rotate, and delete the specific page. Furthermore, forms can be filled up with intuitive highlighting in the form fields. 

The creation and insertion of electronic signatures can be accomplished with multiple options. Third, the tool will continue to provide additional support for file formats and create PDFs from other types of files in a rapid and accurate fashion. Finally, you can keep information confidential and prevent it from falling into the hands of criminals. This is achieved through Enterprise-grade restrictions and password security.

It is important to note that the performance and speed of this tool depend on your system’s hardware, disk space, availability of resources, and several other variables. For the best performance, you need to ensure that your machine meets the minimum requirements for system specifications. 

On Mac, you must be using a version greater than or equal to macOS 10.14. On Windows, you must be using a version greater than or equal to Windows 7. On iOS, you must be using a version greater than or equal to iOS 14. On Android, you must be using a version greater than or equal to 5.0.

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