How to learn the quran for children

how to learn the quran for children

Every Muslim parents want their children to start learn Quran online for kids and reading the Koran as soon as possible because children today are a bright future of our ummah. Therefore, many parents want to involve their children in religion in their early years and teach them how to learn the Quran for children. However, dealing with young children and teaching them the Quran can be a challenge.


Tips on how to learn the Quran for children -children

When teaching them surah and orally relatively simple, teaching your children to read the Quran requires more patience and consistency. If you are worried about “How to Learn the Quran for Children” and teach them to read the Holy Quran, here are some tips to help you:

Bond with your child

The first step to help your child learn anything is to bind with your child and let them feel that you care about them. When children think to learn to do any task, they tend to escape from him. However, if you make it the activities they enjoy, they will like to open their own quran every day and learn more.


As parents, you must understand that every child is different, and you cannot teach them all in the same way. Learn about your child’s learning patterns and teach appropriate. For example, if your child does not like to sit at once for a long time, you can solve lessons every day to be shorter.

Or, if they find revisions more comfortable orally after the lesson, do it when you play with them. This is all about knowing your child’s personality and learning patterns to find what makes learning easy for them. You might also consider it as: how to start learning the Quran? This is an important question to teach children in new ways and know how to learn the Quran for children.

Teach them with meaning

Small children are usually not taught the Quran with meaning because they are considered too young to understand fathers. In fact, if Arabic is not your child’s first language, they might not be able to understand the reason for reading the Koran. It is always a good idea to explain the meaning and message of daily lessons to your children and their significance.

For example, you can tell them the message of Surah Al-Fatiha when they recite it and emphasize the importance of praying to God. You can also tell them about reading Surah Al-Fatiha in every prayer. In this way, they realize the importance of God’s message in the Koran and the importance of every letter.

A Muslim who pronounced the Quran

Answered their question

It is very natural online Quran for kids to ask questions when you tell them anything. The same thing happens when you teach your children to read the Koran. When you find out how to teach children -children of the Quran, be prepared for all the questions you will do.

They will have questions about words, what they mean, and why the Quran gives a special message about life. Be patient in answering everything they ask for. Your answer will make them confident in you, and they want to know more about how to learn the Quran for children

Give a gift

No, we don’t mean that you have to damage your child. However, giving appreciation to children attracts them, and they tend to go beyond their ability to get what they are offered. Be sure to balance the gift offer and make children ask for everything to learn the Quran. Give them a small gift and gift every time they reach a milestone, it will help you a lot about how to learn the Quran for children.

Set the test

Revising daily lessons allow children to remember for a long time. In addition to daily revisions, you can also arrange weekly tests to check the progress and smoothness of children and try to be more appropriate.

Do not be afraid to fail

Your friend’s child completes online Quran for kids and you haven’t? Don’t worry. Every child has their own steps and will eventually take. While thinking about how to learn the Quran for children, remember the.

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